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update and appstore

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Hello everyone, 
since I'm on 10.9.0 and 70,9,2, I can no longer use appstore 
or to purchase or for updates 
it strikes me that I have no identifiers from my machine and is exceeded 
Help somebody before I was forced to revert to a version of OS X anterior 
Thank you in advance 
(automatic translation)

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tk's for answer,

the problem is than App Store see NIRESH and don't want make update or buy something

2 snapshots are better than try explain

my internet is OK NIRESH 10,9,2 is really good









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@@redtox No worries,i speak french, The message says that : This computer cannot be verified, try to contact support for help


Ce problème peut être corrigé en téléchargeant ce fichier sur votre ordinateur et l'installer.


This can be solved by :


1) Changing SMBIOS (not working very well) (change it to a MacPro 3,1 or a Macbook Pro 6,2 using Clover or Chameleon Wizard)

2) Using the iMessage / iCloud fix uploaded by @. Download here

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