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Dell XPS L702X -- Niresh installation and strange things...

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Hi Guys, 

I used and installed Niresh Mac OS 10.9.0, keeping the default settings. My Laptop is XPS L702X, Nvidia gt555m, i7 2xxx CPU, Audio) were dated 19Sep2013. But, i decided to reinstall it...

I erased the HDD, made new partition etc.. and installed it again keeping the default settings. And after that installation (again 10.9.0) - the video and youtube stopped to work.. They shows green and yellow lines/boxes and no picture at all. And freeze. The Audio start to work for 3-5 seconds, and stops. And I mentioned, the kexts are dated 20Sep2013. How can it happen, the same installation USB, the same build, the erased and ne partitioned HDD - two different kextes dates and problems.


After that I updated to 10.9.2 - but the same issue with the video and youtube and the Audio kexts and Voodoo, because I use voodoo).


And another note - the CPUpower management works perfect, even I did not click to install it during installation, and the Nullcpupowermanagement kext is present in the S/L/E.


I repeated 3 times the installation from the beginning, but still have above issues and kexts from 20Sep.. I do not know why the first time the video and Audio worked fines and the kexts were 19Sep... (and I have updated the latest Adobe flash player 12, with it the problem persists)


Any ideas? 




Any ideas

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