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High Sierra and HD630

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Affter install High Sierra Zone in:

Gigabyte H110m / i3 7100

In first reboot working the graphics but no USB drivers / External USB disks i cant mount clover

In the secod reboot have problem, the solution -disiablegfxfirmware ane boot whit config, but hace the same problems, dont see the usb drivers and can not mount uefi partition

In other reboot see diferentes config, i try diferents, boot with config_uefi without flags, but when run the graphics dont works but i see the usb drivers and external disk and mount the uefi driver.

how repair this?

boot with config and fix everting or boot with config_uefi and fix graphics?


sorry my inglis is not god

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tanks for reply, im begginer in hackintosh.

i do not know how to use the the clover, have many options, but i try with usbbusfix=1

I tell you how it was!


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Dude i use -v -x -disiablefirmgfxfirmware and usbbusfix=1... i see the USB drive, graphics works but i can not mount UEFI.

boot with config_UEFI again no problem, the problem are the graphics

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