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Opemu ud2 issue after updating to 10.9.2

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Hello there, I have just updated to 10.9.2 from a fresh copy of 10.9, I followed the guide but everytime I go to boot I get "Opemu ud2" looping on boot. I have used the following flags (mach_kernel.bak -v, mach_kernel.bak -v -x, mach_kernel.bak GraphicsEnabler=No)


My system Specs are:


AMD FX 8350


Nvidia Gforce 760

128GB SSD with Trim Enabled


Any idea where I am going wrong?


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Hi mx8media


After testing different alternatives, finally I have updated to Mavericks 10.9.2.

I have renamed my mach_kernel as mach_kernel_ok

I have made a backup of /System/Library/Extensions as Extensions.ok

I have updated with OSXUpdCombo10.9.2.dmg

After applying the update I have rebooted with the Niresh Mavericks USB Installer.

Then enter in Terminal and renamed the mach_kernel as mach_kernel_bad.

Renamed mach_kernel_ok as mach_kernel

Moved /System/Library/Extensions as  /System/Library/Extensions.bad

Moved /System/Library/Extensions.ok as  /System/Library/Extensions


Boot again with -v -x -f flags

After that repaired permissions with Kexts Wizard and Rebuilded System Caches.

Reboot again and that's all.


Regards ;)

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Guest InfamousSynergy

@mx8media Nice one buddy, Might try the update when they release the AMD kernel (As download is down)

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