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Mike Brachten

Can't seem to get anything working at all..

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I have tried for hours to run and install Niresh's Mavericks for Intel and AMD, but is doesn't seem like it's working at all.

I have tried it on 2 computers, where I both try to install it on VirtualBox.


1. Self-Built AMD PC.

On this PC, I manage to get it starting to the point where I can select the CD, and where I can type boot flags.

I type in 'amd64 -v' and then a lot of info appears on the screen, until it eventually crashes.


Part of the log before crashinghttp://pastebin.com/h93X2EwP

Specs: http://pastebin.com/56VWuc0c


2. Toshiba Intel Laptop.

On this laptop, I actially manage to get it pretty far. It goes on until the installation is complete, then it crashed.

Then I updated my VirtualBox, and since then I get kernel panics.

It says: 'Can't perform kext scan: no kext summary. BSD process name corresponding to cuurent thread: Unknown'. Most error codes are 0x000000000000.

Unfortunally, I haven't got a log  or a screenshot of that one.

Specs: http://pastebin.com/2g8Cadp1


I hope someone can help me out with this issue and can get OS X running on my PC and/or laptop!


Thanks in advance!



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