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Nick Lionas

Almost perfect installation

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as mentioned in the title I managed to install 10.9.0 (and update it to 10.9.1 afterwards)

in my desktop PC setting it as an Mac Pro 5,1.

Everything worked out of the box and if I could

solve a few "small" problems I would be more than happy to have such a cool OS and get rid of Windows!


First of all when I shut down my hackintosh everything goes as planned.

I see both power and HDD lights turn off, however I hear noise from either my PSU or some other component with a fan.

The second "problem" is the multichannel Audio. I can only hear from one of my speakers and the quality of sound is


I found this http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=604 and I cannot understand what I have to do

after creating and aggregate device.. :(

The last one has to do with imessages.. Although I can connect to icloud without a problem, I get constant error messages

when I try to connect to imessage. I tried a few things you mentioned here however with no success.


My PC has an ASUS P5K Premium motherboard, an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2 GB of RAM, an MSI GT 630 graphics board

and 1 TB WD HDD. Both onboard ethernet adapters are recognized (although I only tested one of them). A small blutooth

adapter works perfectly (I have no idea on what it's brand name is, just got it from ebay for 1 Euro or so). My monitor is recognized and so is my HP Deskjet 4625. Only my "onboard" wireless adapter and a Pinnacle TV card do not appear at all

however I do not mind.


Sorry for the long post and I hope someone can help in making my Hackintosh perfect for me...


Thanks in advance!

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Had almost the same setup only with GT 8800. mountain lion worked like a charm. changed it for a laptop (see other post) and much harder to get it to work. grapics/ethernet /sound no luck.  Almost jealous of your specs.


I think you have to check wireless compatibality list on internet because many wifi adaptors don't work with mac.

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fleu I don't mind about the wifi adapter, neither the tv card.

If I could only fix imessage and multichannel Audio I would be more than happy.

For some reason the problem I had when shutting down (the fun continued to operate)

doesn't exist anymore, however I got a new problem now.

When I get past the apple logo gray screen my screen "sleeps".

Every three restarts or so it turns on.

I'd really love to solve at least this problem and the Audio and I can live without imessage.

Any ideas?

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The multichannel Audio started to function when I unplugged the cables from my PC.. Go figure, but who cares as long as it's working.. :)




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