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Oscar Caballero

install NullEthernet in order to access App Store

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i`m sorry i`ve tried to post it here but im not allow to post to much images.


i also tried to attach it but "the file was too big to upload"








this tuto is for those who cannot access the App Store or facetime or iCloud because the don't have ethernet working


im not the author of this code, im just showing how to do it


al credits belongs to RehabMan from tonymacx86


Here are just the capture screen photos






first of all, don't try to configure or assign and ip to the ethernet. It won't work because is just a fake kext.


 instead you need to go to your preferences-networks and delete every one of your interfaces clicking the ( - ) button.


After you do this, you need to go to:


/Library/Preferences/  and delete or move away from there NetworkInterfaces.plist


then shutdown, not reboot, shutdown and then power on again your hackintosh.


go again to preferences-network and add FIRST your ethernet, then your wifi


that should do the trick

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TY! I already started to have all kind of doom scenario's about replacing ethernet adapter and everything, but this did the trick! Thanks a lot again! 

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