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AMD FX Bugs: Video playing freezes and random logouts

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Hi everybody! 


I installed Niresh on my tower a few months ago and I've been fixing the problems have been appearing like iMessage problem, Randomly freezes problem (almost all). And I improved system stabilty changing my BIOS settings. But... I still have some problems.


(X) 1. When I play some videos using QuickTime or MXPlayer system freezes and I have to restart the system (Sounds glitch when this happend) -> NEED SOLUTION

          extra info: In Opera and Firefox youtube playing (Flash component) hangs system, in Chrome this does not happend, only FLV via RTMP protocol under SmartCard HTTPS encryption.

(V) 2. Improved system stabilty: Changing SMBIOS to latest MacPro (using Chameleon Wizard). IMPROVED


(V) 3. After some hours, network card does not work, need to restart (not always) -> SOLVED I think so (https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287161-new-driver-for-realtek-rtl8111/)


(V) 4. Safari text unreadable vertical white lines across the text -> Need to check this:  SOLVED (https://www.hackintoshzone.com/topic/755-safri-text-unreadable-mavericks/)





(X) 5. Randomly my session appears to logout and everything enter "like a suspend mode" but fans keep running, when I push a key, Log on screen appears and loads my opened apps again       (fast).

     extra info: I observed this playing music on iTunes; music stops and my screen turned off. When I pushed a key, in 2 seconds Logon screen appeared. 

     extra info2: When I put the system in suspend mode from Apple menu, everything appears to be suspended, but fans keep running. 



(X)  6. I think CPU temp is too high: In Hw sensors does not appear my CPU temp, only my HDDs temp, but CPU fans runs so fast (In Windows runs slower). UNSOLVED


(V)  7. Random Freezes: Music keeps playing but mouse and keyboard not, need to restart -> ALMOST FIXED with: FreezeFix for Fermi Nvidia (use Google) SOLVED


Well, I know that I asking a lot of things. I provide the information to help other people.

If anyone knows how to help me... Thanks in advance!

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