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15 hours ago, ObsoLeet said:

I have searched all over and there is a LOT of info on what to do to install Mac OS w/e once you have set up the Mac VM.

I am brand new at this so I may just be missing something very simple.

How do I get from this...


To this....



Not seeing a way to edit that post after I saw the required image format......

How do I go from this.......http://f.cl.ly/items/172G151D2o0C0D1n2F3q/this1.PNG

To this.......http://f.cl.ly/items/3g223k1j463o040y1t19/This2.PNG



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I guess I'm asking how to get the Mac OS out of Windows and into the Virtual Box. It's that one step that is holding me up. 

OR.....My son's old laptop....Will this run High Sierra if I upgrade to 8G RAM and wipe it and turn it into a pure Hackbook?




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