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Niresh partitioning problem

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Hello, I can't seem to reach the Niresh install screen. I am trying to install OSX Mavericks onto an acer aspire v3 772G with windows 8.1 already installed on a separate harddrive. At first, I couldn't even get my laptop to boot from usb, getting an error along the lines of my computer didn't support booting from usb. I got around this by setting my BIOS to legacy mode and manually changing the boot to USB. Now I am at the Niresh boot menu. If I try to boot with no flags set, it will flash the apple logo then immediately restart. If I set flags with -v, the output is gone before I can take a picture of whats going on.


My computer is an Acer Aspire V3 772G

Intel i7 4702 clocked at 2.2Ghz

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 760M Graphics 

12GB of DDR3 L Memory

250GB partition of a 1TB HDD

Windows 8.1 Installed on 120GB SSD


I've tried booting with these flags: -v -f -x npci=0x3000, GraphicsEnabler=No in different combinations and still triggers an automatic restart. Does anybody know how to solve this?


Update: See post 2

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Update: I've gotten to the install screen by using "xpcm-free -v", but now I'm stuck trying to partition an OSX journaled partition. I tried doing the erase an existing partition and resetting it as OSX Journaled but it failed. Next I tried just creating a partition from free space and it was stuck at the setting up phase for about 5-10 minutes. What can I do to create a partition for OSX? Is there any way I can create the partition using Windows 8.1?

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