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So, i have an amd athlon II x4 cpu pc and a msi gtx 650 afterburner and a 970A-D3 motherboard with only one hard drive. So, i installed niresh mavericks 10.9.0 and written it with win32 disk imager. Then i restarted the pc then I put the right settings for UEFI motherboards. Then I booted up with the external hard drive that i had written the mavericks dmg file on. Then the installer and I open the disk utility and i erase the partition i am going to download the mac os on and set it to Mac OS Extended (journaled). then i install the os on the partition with the default customization setting. when it finishes installing, it reboots and opens the chameleon bootloader menu where i get to choose between windows 7 or mac. when i choose mac the apple logo opens and the circle keeps going on, and after some time a crossed-out logo (something like a stop sign) appears. I have used a lot of boot flags but each one of them gives me a different error. The boot flag -v gave me a "Still waiting for root device" error.. plz someone help me!!!!  I want to use a hackintosh so much plzz!!MacOSX-2009-08-08-16-56-18.png

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