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After Mavericks install Windows boot media isn't recognized.

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Hey Guys!


After mavericks installation my computer isn't recognizing ntfs formats and windows installation boot media.


Let me put this in points!

1. I installed mavericks, and functioned well except for the boot0 error.

2. My network adapter was incompatible so i didn't want mac anymore. 

3. I formatted my HFs+ drive and tried booting my windows using a thumb drive.

3 My BIOS detected my thumb drive but not as a bootable medium.

4 My BIOS settings are properly set to install through Thumb drives but still my BIOS doesn't detect it as a bootable one.

5.I tried wiping my entire drive using ultimatebootcd but the boot0 error was persistent.

6. This time when i repartitioned my HDD to gpt with ntfs drives in it my BIOS didn't even detect my HDD but when i load ubuntu it shows me all my HDD


7. Then i installed Ubuntu as a whole on my HDD, my HDD being in ext4 partition is detected and i can boot Ubuntu.

8. The annoying fact is that i still can't boot windows bootable media in any format............my comp keeps saying "No boot media found           please insert boot media and press a key".

9.  I tried booting HIREM boot cd using a thumb drive but not even that is detected now.

10. I am in a very desperate situation now and have no idea how to get back my windows as i am a designer and badly need photoshop and windows.


Some stupid things i did:

1. Installed mac on the same drive as windows the first time i installed mac.



If you can help me with this issue it would be very helpful of you. 
If you need any further information please do ask me. 



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Bytheway only do step one thru step four and Choose "STARTUP REPAIR" and let it finish repairing and restart

And see if it works and you can login to windows.

If that doesnt work .try again and continue from step four.


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Guest InfamousSynergy

Worst case scenario, mount Ubuntu to a USB, don't install but just run it, copy all your files to a backup medium then reinstall windows.

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