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Mavericks, No About Mac, Sound, Dual Monitor...

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i've succesfully installed Mavericks with some problems :


1. Cannot use second monitor on VGA port, the main monitor screen turns on but can't reach desktop, no icons or background.

2. If i opens about mac, it went to login page (same as when windows explorer crashed).

3. No sound from external soundcard (BCD3000)


My setup :


- DFI 965 Dark, no HPET

- Core 2 Quad

- 6 Gb ram

- Radeon 5670, 1gb vram, resolution ok, display plug in hdmi. VGA not working.

- Soundcard BCD3000


Installed Niresh 10.9 with default options.

At first boot, the pc hunged, after many retries, it seems like the azalia Audio stucked, so i disabled it. and it worked.

Boot without flag.

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Did you also install the graphic kext for your card? And also does your card has dvi ports? Dvi works better than vga

In hackintosh you can use a Dvi to vga adapter if your monitor is only Vga

And for sound you can use Niresh all Audio solution in this site

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