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Sascha Tünke

Chrome, Battle.net and Origin issues -.-

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I hope that i´m right here ^^


After finishing my Install of OS 10.8.5 i tried to install Chrome (works fine) but after starting tried to

connect to my account and get SSL-Error (Time and Date are correct) "connection to the real website at accounts.google.com can not be established" 


okay,.. but why ? 


i also have issues to connect with my battle.net news 


Hmm, it occurred on a security certificate error. Please try to start the Battle.net software. If this does not resolve, please contact your network administrator for the problem. I'm sorry!


and EA Origin can't finish the Install (need an Assisten installed) the request is in loop, again and again ^^


please help me to fix this ! :)

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I have the same problem. Tried some ssl related problems solutions ( like this one http://b.rthr.me/wp/?p=356 ) but without success.

Safari and Firefox are working great.

Besides Chrome i had problem connecting to my development server with ssl certificate via FlashBuilder, while Firefox recognized it as verified and trusted...


Aside these problem, I have to say that os is working like a charm!!! Great job, Niresh, you're my hero :)


Any thoughts on this issue of mine?

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