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James Hartley

Questions about bootloaders.

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Hey guys! Love the distro Niresh!


works decent on my PC, this is my seconds install because I went and mocked up the boot loader last time trying to find something that works.


PC Specs:

AMD Phenom XII 555 Black Edition

NVidia GeForce 9800GT

4GB Ram

1TB Hard-Drive

(DVD drive unplugged because I was getting a "Waiting for root device..." message on installing and I needed to plug my HD into SATA1)



What boot loader does Niresh come bundled with? when booting up if I mash the Right or Left arrow keys it will come up with my partitions and ask me which I would like to boot to, so I'm assuming it came bundled with one. (It also says Niresh on the top)


I have Windows and Mac on the same disk, in separate partitions, and I'm trying to get back into Windows now and have it setup for a dual-boot.


Right now i'm about to boot up my windows disk and restore the boot manager that came with windows.


I was reading a guide that said go in this order:


Install windows 8.1

Install niresh 10.9

Install chameleon

Fix windows boot manager

Install EasyBCD I believe.


anyways can I skip Chameleon and would the loader that came with the 10.9.0 Niresh distro work instead?


I was trying to install Chameleon or rEFIt or Chimera and even Clover last night and every time I booted up It was still the default Niresh boot loader, well I completely messed everything up to the point it wouldn't boot without the USB drive and I don't want to make the same mistake again.


Thanks guys.

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depend upon you choose bootloader 




chimera is chameleon branch so there is not ig differences between ,chameleon is Legend and Clover best to fit with UEFI bIos Motherboard 


you won't able to boot without USB is bcoz won't have bootloader on your partition means Hackintosh install of these bootloader 


here is also option for you to boot up with Bootloader


2.mac bootloader above all 


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Alright! got it working, I never checked out the customization options during the install and I thought Clover was running by default when it was really Chameleon.


Last question, right now I have my Chameleon plist boot files to run the command "kernel=amd" every time I boot, is this necessary?

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it's neccesary when your kernel won't load and try without it if it work for you then don't need 


1.you can add this flag to chameleon.plist



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