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OS X Mavericks on HP XW6400 WorkStation

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Hi guys


I'm a complete noob when it comes to Mac, I am wanting to try and get it up and running on my alternate workstation but I'm running into some issues with the OS X Mavericks Niresh build


The hardware specs of the machine are as follows:
2x Intel Xeon E5160 @ 3Ghz (Dual CPU)

4x2GB FB-DIMM DDR2-667Mhz

ASUS Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB Graphics Card

1x 320GB Seagate Hard Drive @ 7,200RPM (Sata II)

Some generic WiFi card 

HP Motherboard with the Intel 5000X Chipset


My main issue is that I cannot boot the OS X mavericks DMG off of a USB key. My main PC picks it up and boots from the USB but the workstation doesn't want to recognise it for some reason (tried to boot windows from USB and that works)


I have also tried to partially install OS X Mavericks on my main rig (AMD) and then continue the setup on the Intel Workstation.. obviously this didn't work. I had multiple issues for e.g Waiting for root device, Bluetooth module missing (or something along the lines of that), setup cannot continue, etc etc.. A complete waste of time.


I was wondering if anyone has any tips or guidance on how to get it working? I have followed the instructions included in the mavericks file.




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I've tried booting it through "Chameleon / Clover" and that works, but it doesn't go into setup.. it just hangs whilst trying to load the drivers with "Error Loading Drivers" ... ?





Plug in 2GB USB, Boot off of it with Chameleon / Clover, plugin 8GB USB with OS X Mavericks.dmg on it and select that, try to boot into it but then it gives the error "Error loading Drivers" 


I'm using Transmac (Windows) to restore the OS X image to the USB

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