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Acpi driver not found for this platform?

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I am having a problem when try to install mountain lion 10.8. I'm not very sure what is the problem but the main error i see is "acpi driver not found for this platform" with lots of numbers. I have tried -x -v -f -F -s are a few others but nothing. Im dual booting a 250gb HDD with 2 partions. 200gb~ & 40gb~. The file I use the DMG off a USB.


Lenovo T400 (old laptop)


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (p8600)

RAM: 4 gb

OS: Windows 8.1

System Architecture: 64 bit


This is my third attempt at getting this to work over a 1-2 years.

I think that is everything. Sorry but i am a newbie XD.

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Thank you very much for the quick response. I tried 10.8.5 from a usb and did not work, so i used my dvd and everything was working until i got an error and did not continue

                           "unable to open /var/db/bootcache.playlist"


After the error i did some research and people are saying "corrupted" and said you should try a different bootloader; but don't know how.



Any ideas?



Thank you

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Once again Thank you for replying. But  I when selecting Mountain Lion got another error when using chameleon bootloader.


             This version on of MAC OSX is not supported on this platform!

Reason: MAC-F22788A9

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