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Alessandro Botta

Problem with shutdown and Apple Magic Mouse

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first i want to say a very big "thank you" to Niresh for his great work.


My hackintosh configuration:


Cpu: Intel q6600

Ram: 8gb ddr2-800

Motherboard: Asus P5QL-pro

Audio: Alcintegrated (deactivated by Bios), Sound Blaster Live (working) and a Usb Audio Stick (Working)


So, my problems are:


1) When I shutdown the system, sometimes the power-off is automatically and sometimes I need to press the power button for 5 secods to power off the hackintosh.


2) I installed an Apple Magic Mouse via Bluetooth Dongle and it works, but scrolling and gestures does not work.


Can someone help me, please?




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use Appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext if it not work then use patched one download it from download section 

report me back

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apple magic issue may be with your bluetooth dongle ,what dongle are you using ???is it working perfectly ???do you not having distance problem ???

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