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Hey all I though I'd post about WN725N.

Its is a USB Wifi adapter, it costs between £7-10 in the UK at PCWorld Argos etc.



To get it working I used a installer which is located on another site which I'm not sure If I can link so all I suggest is googling "WN725N Hackingtosh" and its the first link.

I got this on the intention to be installed on my 10.7.3 laptop but for some reason the Wireless Network Utility didn't load at all. I had already tried it on my desktop which is running Mavericks so I installed that on my laptop and worked straight off after installing the kexts and utility (all in one package :) ). Your mileage may vary on what it works on but for me 10.7.3 didn't work and two installs on two totally different machines on 10.9 & 10.9.1 worked fine, so do with that what you will.


But all I can say is for my use on my laptop it works perfectly small so it doesn't get in the way I have yet to have any drop outs from it which is all good and for the price its worth a punt :D.



This caused crashing on 10.9 and 10.9.1. I'm not sure why but it does. I've tried lots of driver versions and no luck, I've gone to ML 10.8 which had 1 kernal panic but after updating to 10.8.5 and my laptop has been on all day with it connected and no issues have raised yet.

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