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Radeon HD 7670M Problem

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Hey Guys,


so finally i managed to Install Nireshs' 10.8.5 on my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E535 and got most of the Stuff working but still couldn't figure out how to get the internal nor the external Graphics Card working.


My system:


CPU: A8-4500M internal Radeon HD 7640G (but deactivated that one in BIOS or at least switched to the external one)

RAM: 4 GB DDR3 1600 MHz

Graphics: Radeon HD 7670M

AudioConexant CX20671 SmartAudio HD (it is working, sort of with VoodooHDA but gets crappy after 2 or 3 seconds of Playback)

Network: RealtekRTL8168

Wifi: Broadcom BCM43142 (doesn't work, but i got my Edimax USB Wifi Adapter working so that one is not that important atm.)


So at the moment i can boot with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and it runs just fine, but under SystemInfo it shows me DIsplay 4MB.

It would also be great to get better Audio and some sort of Power Management or at least a Battery Status indicator so that i can see how much % my Battery has left.


Thank you very much in advance.

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