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Mavericks working on Samsung laptop but with issues

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Hi, this is my first post and I do have Mavericks working on my Samsung laptop but there are issues both major and minor. I do have MultiBeast (which I haven't tried yet) and I'm hoping somebody will help me out with either some downloads that I require or if I can fix my issues with MultiBeast. 


First Issue (Major): No wireless internet. Needless to say this is necessary and I'd really like to get this going. As things stand now I'll have to download what I need on my main computer and transfer the files to a USB stick. I'd like to get this running before anything else.


Second Issue (Minor-ish): Graphics. Right now things are set up so that Mavericks is using the "Stretch To Fit" option and while it doesn't look *too* bad, it doesn't look very good either. I only have one resolution listed, 1024X768, and my screens native resolution is 1600X900. From searching I've seen that there's a free app in the Mac App Store which adds additional resolutions but of course I can't download this app until I get working wireless internet. Also, graphics related I have an AMD graphics card in this laptop and I'd like to get that working as well. I'll be posting a screenshot I took from the System Info program that shows the components that are on my laptop.


Third Issue (Minor): The mouse cursor is a lot less "zippy" in Mavericks than it is on Windows 7. (I'm dual booting). I did download the Mac drivers for my particular mouse but if there's some way to speed up the mouse cursor let me know. I'll probably still install the drivers anyway as there's a particular setting I like. 


Fourth Issue (Minor-ish): Dual booting. I've found that I always have to have the DVD of the Mavericks ISO in the drive if I want to boot between Windows 7 and Mavericks. If there's a way to do this without leaving the DVD in, please let me know. 


Fifth Issue (Minor): The computer that I'm running Mavericks on is, as I mentioned, a laptop but when I go to the "About this Mac" window and check out the specs I'm shown a picture of a tower computer instead of a Mac Book or Mac Book Pro laptop. I know this is pretty minor but how do I get the picture of the laptop to show up?  :unsure:


Okay so those are all the issues I'm having. My first priority is getting wireless internet running but obviously I'd like to get everything running properly fairly soon. I've attached a screenshot from the System Info program. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.  :)



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BTW I've solved the problems with the slow mouse cursor. I looked in the "Mouse" settings and the default was set at a slower speed. I'd still like to get my 4 other issues solved especially getting the wireless internet working. Thanks.

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wifi problem is with me too

any solution ?

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