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Is there any way of installing Maverick on an AMD Athlon II X2?

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Well, first I apologize for my english , I'm from Brazil and speak Portuguese here and had to use a translator ( Google translate ) to assist me in this, therefore, ignore any error that read, anyway.

Good friends , I would ask if you speak me a walkthrough of how to proceed with the installation of Niresh on my computer , I've had experience with " Hackintosh " before but only managed to install Snow Leopard, until then found it impossible to install a higher version on an AMD , but this thinking changed when I learned about Niresh , I believe that it is possible to install Maverick on my computer :rolleyes:

My setup is this:
Processor : Athlon II X2
Memory: 4 GB DDR 3 ( 1333 )
HD : 160 GB (for Niresh )
Motherboard: ECS with AHCI support .

Good friends, I hope you help me , hugs and congratulations for the excellent work, no doubt gained a decent impact to be recognized, congratulations.

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I have install Niresh image at my old ASUS F3k with AMD Athlon II X2 proc,
Work with GraphicsEnabler=No ( I could not find kext for my old ATI X2300 ) and
has a problem with sound.
But other features work well. Thank to Niresh.

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Got it, thanks for the help.

I will try to install the 10.8.5 ML, can you tell me if it is possible to install on my machine? thanks.

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