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Mavericks on Asus p6t, core i7 920 and Nvidia gtx 275

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On a Asus p6t , Core i7 920 and nvidia gtx275: 
I'm trying to install Mavericks with the distribution. dmg of Niresh, on USB, only that everything will restart as soon as the screen on the installation boot, the one with the apple. 
I have already set the single ssd that I own in ACHI.

What can I do?



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I have the same problem on the following system:


ASUS P6T, I7 920 2.6Ghx, MSI Gtx 760 Hawk, 6Gb DDR3


I have tried multiple boot flags and every time I get the following hangs:


"fakesmc: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device"


This doesn't stop the boot, I continue up to the following:


"Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport"


This error looks like a graphics card problem but I don't know where to go with it. I am considering reverting to a retail snow leopard and a MultiBeast boot. This is bugging me because I have invested quite a bit of time in the Niresh "straight to Mavericks" method.


If anyone knows of the right boot codes to get this system working please let me know. I've tried virtually everything but can't guess on the right combination.



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