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[Success] AsRock Z87, i5-4670k, 650Ti OC [MultiBoot]

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Here are my PCs specs. Keep in mind it wasn't built for Hackintoshing.


MOBO: AsRock Z87M Pro4

CPU  : Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3.4GHz

RAM  : 4GB DDR3 1333MHz A-Data [x2]

GPU  : MSI GTX 650Ti BOOST [ Forum Thread ]

PSU  : 650W Chieftec PSU non-module.


I installed OSX on a HDD partition with every internal drive d/c-ed. Selecting boot device upon startup is my multi-boot method of choice. I didn't want to risk and screw-up my GRUB.


Everything works OOB after installation, only couple small problems I have are:


1. Microphone is awfully low. Skype calls are impossible - other side can barely hear me even when I'm screaming. I know how to turn the volume up, but I think it's either a kext issue, or a Skype problem. I'll try another voice-chat app when I get home and report back about it. Else I'm thinking about switching Audio chip), that was broken down into 2 kexts (Using Kext wizzard) - installed, rebooted - and it's better than ever!


2. I need my USB drive to boot OSX - I still haven't got a workaround for that one. If anyone has a quick guide about how to not use the USB to boot OSX after install - please let me know.

FIXED I totally messed up my Bootloader, so I re-installed OSX from scratch and it's booting fine now. Only thing is I have to type "GraphicsEnabler=No" everytime I boot - still haven't gotten passed this.

EDIT:  Added <key>GraphicsEnabler</key><String>No</String> to the .plist file - all is working as it should be!


Graphcis Acceleration appears to be working quite fine. I played some League of Legends last night - it was running really smooth. Still haven't tried anything else, but "LoL" is a pretty intense game so I'm guessing no issues there.



Some thoughts and insights


I've put up together a $1100 machine and I have to say - I truly believe if I weren't booting from a HDD it would be a dream. It runs perfectly, considering I'm booting from a Hard drive though. I almost never see the "umbrella" circle going round. I'd say even though I never followed any "Hackintosh buyers guide" Niresh's build has worked perfectly for me.

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All 4 cores active. After adding GraphicsEnabler=No to the .plist file everything works good.


I'm not really sure if the CPU scales down, though. I think it's just always @ 3,4GHz



Keep in mind this was a while ago and it was OSX 10.9.2 - I sold the machine, because I moved to a different country to study and I don't have it anymore, so I can't give you any additional information. Anyway, as far as I know this CPU model is natively supported so there shouldn't be any problems.

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