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Dell M6800 and M4800 High Sierra Helpful Kext

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#UPDATE AS OF APRIL 27, 2018 Thursday, 3:53 PM EST

After you figure out how to get High Sierra 10.13 or 10.13.4 installed to a USB with Clover Bootloader, and you're loaded onto MacOS High Sierra:

Download Clover Configurator and MOUNT your partition and OPEN it to reveal your EFI folder. Delete it.
Simply download the attached ZIP and unzip it by double clicking it. Then copy and paste the EFI folder you unzipped to the location of your mounted partition.

Done. Enjoy. Special thanks to Jake Lo !

WORKING [Dell M6800 - High Sierra 10.13.4]
Sleep/Wake WHILE THE POWER CORD IS PLUGGED IN (Not from closing the screen down, but from clicking the Apple logo and sleep or by timer).
Wi-Fi (AirPort Extreme) via Broadcom BCM43xx.
2 USB ports on the LEFT side as USB 2.0/3.0 and the 1 USB 2.0/eSATA on the back.
TouchPad (With MultiTouch - Fully functional)
iMessage, iCloud, FaceTime, AppStore work perfectly.
NVIDIA Graphics work perfectly thanks to the Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixUp kext. THIS FIXES THE BLACK OR BLANK SCREEN PROBLEM.
DVD-Drive/Burning if you even care to use CD, DVD disk.
Bluetooth (Works even with Apple HomePod =] )
2 USBs on right side as USB 2.0/3.0
Native Sound (On board Speakers and can adjust sound with buttons)
SD Card Readers
Adjusting Brightness (Download an app from the AppStore called Brightness Slider -OR- use Night Shift [will not adjust brightness, but will be bearable]).

NOT WORKING [Dell M6800 - High Sierra 10.13.4]
Headphone Jack (Excessive Static)


Because this site only allows 10MB of an upload per file and my zip is over that limit, I am providing direct links. NOTE - You only need to download ONE of these files, but if you feel the need to have both then why not. You're just causing confusion.

This ZIP file is the entire EFI zipped into a nice package. It will completely imitate my High Sierra and cause all of the above to work on your system either with Intel/Nvidia graphics, I am sorry for the AMD GFX holders, I cannot help you. Your search continues. All you must do is delete your entire EFI folder and replace it with mine and restart. Enjoy.



This is a pure copy of only my CLOVER folder complete with all needed kext and config.plist


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