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Hackintosh Sierra Drivers + Bluetooth Connectivity problem

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Hi there. I managed to install Hackintosh Sierra (Niresh'es Version) and it worked great. But I installed it to my Hard Disk Drive which is veeeryyyyy slow. I did this because I wanted to be sure that I want to stick to this OS untill I delete the Windows 10 OS installed on my SSD. Everything worked fine except the fact that I had to re-pair my Microsoft Designer Keyboard and Mouse every time I restarted or shut down the PC. When I put it into Sleep I was able to use the keyboard and mouse after I started it back on. I would like to know if I could do anything so that my mouse and keyboard stay in sync even if i restart the pc or shut it down.

The second and more important problem is that I decided to use only Hackintosh Sierra from now on, so I cloned my install to my SSD (which had Windows 10 installed) with Carbon Copy. I managed to install clover and boot straight to SSD. Everything works fine but the Ethernet drivers and Sound drivers are not properly installed. What is the easiest method to install these drivers and to make it work again? If there is none I'll just reinstall the OS from the Usb Drive.

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