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STUCKed in apple logo with neverending spining wheel (after installation succeded)

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Hi, here it is, i successfully pass through maverick installation before i encountered my problem, i was stucked in apple logo with a never ending spinning wheel, but before that, withouth typing any bootflags, its just freeze, but when i put GraphicsEnabler=No, it continued spinning on my second attempt of booting and i heard a music playing in the background, i try changing the volume in Function keys (up and down) i heard a ticking sound that means, the OS itself was working fine in the background i guess, and all the FUNCTION keys are working like sleep, mute, play, stop etc.. i think the graphic card kext maybe the problem, i tried putting -x , -v, but still no luck,, btw, my laptop was low end, and heres the specs.

intel pentium P6000 ( 1.86GHz 3mb l3 cache)

intel HD graphics

2gb ram

acer aspire 4741z


im still trying to figure out what causing these issues, or maybe i should stop here coz my laptop cant handle mac os,, any suggestion?

i was still hoping though, 

i cant provide screenshot of my verbose log right now, i ended up removing it and reinstalling my windows to be able to find some fix before a full installation,

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I found the fix already, i found the guide that bypass all graphic kext and pass me through.but now, having a new problem, after installing multibeast drivers, not sure what are those i intend to install, got panic whenever i tried starting..will give you screenies for the problem. Tried -x, without GraphicsEnabler=0, its just stuck in apple logo, tried with redone it with the 2 boot flags, it continued and hangs after loging in..


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