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HP Pavilion SleeBook/SleekBook 15-b108sy High Sierra problems

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So. Another problem happened once again. (Nobody replied to the Yosemite post. Oh well. Let's get on the topic. I used EFI this time to stretch the resolution since i didn't feel like taking photos in UEFI mode, but the errors are the same.)

This started showing up before the install, meaning that this is the setup part that it will hang on forever.


The last photo isn't that clear on a computer screen, try viewing it on a phone or zooming out of it.

Again. I can't disable the GPU in the BIOS or remove it. (Niresh GPU help wont work on laptops.)

Using the "cpus=1" or any of the other boot codes, it will show the WindowServer error.

But when i got the PID error, the keyboard still responded to the caps lock and some times you can even type and the characters will show up, but then it can freeze completely.

Using UEFI's config options and GPU settings (which shows the Intel HD Graphics 4000 drivers only and not Nvdia's Geforce GT 630M) still cause it to lock up.

Strangely, when i get to this screen, some weird text starts flickering every 10 seconds or so.

Btw, the "hp" command doesn't work. Why did they do that? :crying:

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