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Uninstalling Mavericks & recovering Win7 Bootloader

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I've got a custom built AMD PC on which I installed (4 yrs ago) Mavericks OSX alongside a Win 7 install. I'm using the Niresh bootloader to choose my OS at startup. I can successfully load Win7 and OSX from the Niresh bootloader. I'd like to revert back to the Windows 7 bootloader and remove the OSX install. The C: partition for win7 is not marked active in windows. I believe I have to mark it active to load the windows bootloader instead of Niresh. Before doing so, I checked to ensure the Win7 bootloader is present, but cannot find it using BCDedit at the command line, or using EasyBCD. MSCONFIG also shows no entries under the Boot tab.

What is the best/safest course of action to restore my system to the state it was prior to installing Mavericks/Niresh? Can I use EasyBCD to do this? In the EasyBCD toolbox there is a BCD Deployment tool and option under "MBR Configuration Options" to "Install the Vista+ BCD/bootmgr bootloader." Is this what I should do before marking the C partition active? Or is there a better method?

Please advise.

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