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Disk Utility Can't format Disk

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I have an Asus p6t Deluxe V2  with 12 GB ram and an nVidea N9800GT and an Intel 256GB SSD. I have previously had Mountain Lion on it working perfectly so the bios setting seem to be fine.

The SSD is formatted NTFS

I created a boot usb on a windows machine using transmac and your Hackintosh zone high sierra installer.

When I boot off the USB I get a Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132 - Enoch r2905.  Build date 2017-11-01

I get one selection which is  the USB boot. I boot with no options and it shows lines of stuff for a couple of minutes as if I used -v.

The installer runs. I get the grey screen with the apple.

The screen asking what language appears, the mouse works and I click the right arrow.

I get a Hackintosh High Sierra screen with the round picture of the mountain and click continue.

Then I get the screen with the text that says to read all the docs and click continue and agree to the terms.

I get the Install MacOS screen that shows one option which is the installer USB.

I go to utilities and bring up the disk utilities. I click on view all devices and my SSD does not show up.

I exit disk utilities and bring it up a second time and my SSD now shows. I click on it and then on erase. I name it MAC

It says Mac OS extended (Journaled) and a GUID Partition Map.

I click on erase. It say unmounting disk.

then it comes up with Erase Process has failed. Click done to  continue. Details say Unable to write to the last block of the device. Operation failed.

I click done and exit disk utilities.

I can't get past this point. What can I do to  fix this?







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