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help me with my graphic card pls

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hello all, i wonder if somebody did sucssesfuly installed ati drivers on one of polaris gpu on 10.9 10.10. or 10.11 mac?

i find yesterday on some russian forum that they did some bios mods on polaris gpus on siera and high siera but i dont understand process.

also no luck for kext emulator on phenom 2 cpu for siera and high siera

i got rx560 sapphire 2gb and i tryed install mac but on gpu it said 8mb and graphic is awfull.

everithing else works exept spdif output for audio and gpu.

i cannot install siera or high siera because of unsupported cpu sse4.1 or sse4.2

my specs are

asus m5a97 r2 evo

phenom II 955 black edition x4 @3.2 g stock

ram 3x4gb ddr3 @ 1333 underclocked because of cpu limitations

rx560 sapphire 2gb

60gb adata sp900

2x500 gb wd blue (1x 2.5" , 1x 3.5")

all your comments are welcome


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