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Suson Waiba

Clover dont showup anything while booting from pendrive

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I own dell inspiron 3537 i5-4200u processor with intel HD and AMD graphics. process supports SSE 4.1 [source: https://ark.intel.com/products/75459/Intel-Core-i5-4200U-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_60-GHz] and i am trying to install Mac OS sierra download from https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/1008-hackintosh-sierra/ . I downloaded from torrent and used TransMac software to restore disk image file Hackintosh-Sierra-Zone.dmg everything was fine, no error so far. then I use UEIF Boot then by pressing F12 i choosed pendrive which had prefix EIF only then pendrive name. then it shows glitches only. Not even a clover menu. I have added system info got from CUP-Z and other glitches image in google drive at https://drive.google.com/open?id=13nShVenQaautzSg563W0_HKc4acc3sse
If anyone have any idea about this, please comment.

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