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Error occured while running scripts from 'dart0.pkg'

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First of all, im new on the forums so i dont know if i placed this thread correctly. If so, please move it and im sorry!

Anyway, here is my problem!
When i want to install Hackintosh Zone (high sierra) i run into a error message right at the end of the installation:

'An error occurred while running scripts from the package "dart0.pkg" '

I've googled for 2 days now, but i can't really find any information about the problem i have. I do not run into any problems while booting from the USB and the installer loads just fine.

Can anyone help me out with a good explaination of 'Dart0.pkg', what it is, what it does and how i can fix this?

Bootflags (default one by the boot USB)
-v, dart=0, -darkwake=0, -disablefxfirmware

Also, the bootflags say something about a 'dart' thing (dart=0?). Might that be something or am i guessing wrong?
I also tried to remove dart=0

I unchecked all the Graphics kexts since UHD630 is supported in High Sierra
I read something about USB3.0 and Dart0.pkg so i unchecked that after some tries aswell.

PC Specs
Gigabyte Z370P
Intel Core i5 8600k

Thanks in advanced <3

The installer doesn't let me save a error log to my external HDD -> No permission

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