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Toni Sirkiä

High Sierra USB - Does NOT Boot

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So ...

I've successfully (@ least UniBeast says so ...) created High Sierra installer on a SanDisk 16GB USB-Flash Disk with UniBeast 8 (High Sierra version) ;

I've created the USB boot disk two times ... first I used options ; UEFI Booting, Inject ATI (for I have a AMD Radeon 6450HD AGP-Card . ) .

The second time I used Legacy Boot option, Inject ATI and so on ...

BUT ... the Problem is using either boot modes (UEFI and Legacy) I can't get the boot disk to show up in the boot menu (after pressing F12) .

It only displays my internal HDDs ...

I have WIndows 10 x64 installed on a Kingston 120GB SSD .

Could that be the cause for the boot failure .


My (DeskTop) PC is a eMachines ET1870 with 8GBs of RAM .

AMD / ATI Radeon 6450 Display Adapter .

The HDD I'm trying to install on is a GUID Partitioned TOSHIBA MK1652GSXL

If someone could post working BIOS Settings ... ?

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