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Hackintosh Sierra Zone Expose Unknown Devices in Network

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Hi, I've been doing Install & Re-install Sierra Zone many many times, due to lags and GPU errors, etc.  But one thing I'm very concern about is the Unknown Network Devices shown on the 'Shared' Finder Sidebar. 


From the very first time I install Sierra zone on my HP Z800 workstation these devices are randomly shown.  (PC devices)

All my sharing options on SysPref are OFF. And those devices are only shown when I'm using onboard Broadcom Network LAN (en0 & en1). Specially after I'm trying to Fix App Store verification issue (deleting SysConfig script, & New network interface)  

I have Intel Dual GigE Lan Card on Slot 1.  It's the same. Those unknown devices still appears on the Shared Finder.

No other computer are connected on my Network, only my Z800 Hackintosh and my phone.

This makes me worry! I've check my DHCP server, all good. No unknown device on the IP list. I've Contacted my ISP provider just to make sure that no one is interrupt my network.

Urgently need your assistance about this one.  I have screenshots but don't know how to attached here.


*note: Those unknown devices doesn't shown on my MacBook Pro and IP Scanner app.




HP Z800 (2nd Gen) Workstation

Dual Xeon 6-cores, 12GB ECC RAM, Dual NVIDIA Quadro 6000 6GB, Intel Dual GigE Lan Card. AJA Kona 3G a/v IO card.

Chameleon Sierra 10.12.3 

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