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High Sierra instalation on haswell laptop (newbie)

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Laptop acer v7 582pg, i54200u, 8gb ram, ssd 256gb, nvidia card

Steps I have followed:

+Create a bootable usb with transmac (windows), and restor niresh high sierra image.

+bios: access to advanced bios ( in acer laptops pres fn+tab in bios to unlock menus )
disable vt-d
disable secure boot
disable serial port
set to uefi


Attempt 1 (uefi bios):

+Clover boots from usb

-it gets stuck as soon as I run high hackingtosh zone disk, the only info in the screen is ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

I tried the following flags : -x nv_disable=Yes maxmem=4096 npci=0x3000


Attempt 2 (legacy bios):

+boot to high sierra zone installer

+erase disk

-installation fails when it reaches the end ( error 0 )


Attempt 3 (legacy bios):

+boot with flags -x npci=0x3000 ( this flags worked with yosemite zone )

-installation fails when it reaches the end ( error 0 )

-I remove the usb and restart the computer. Clover loads, i try to run from hdd but gets stuch inmediatly showing ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Any help would be much apreciated ( please consider I am a newbie, although I read the guides and I've been tinkering for a while I really dont understand what is happening under the hood )

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Attempt 4 (legacy bios):

+boot from usb

+select the previous installation ( attempt 3)

+High Sierra works!

So High Sierra did install (altough it showed installation couldn't finish) but It din't install the boot loader correctly. I can access osx using the usb.

What works:


+Usbs 2.0 & 3.0sound work well.

+Geekbench shows normal score.

+Touch screen

What doesn't

-Intel hd graphics, shows like having 7mb of ram, diplays poor resolution.

-Boot without usb


How can I translate Enoch's configuration to Clover?


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