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Root device UUID is... Please help!

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Hello, dear community!

This is only my second post here. If I do something wrong - please, sorry!

Since my PC is based on Haswell - i7-4770k, I switched back to my attempts to install Yosemite. As far as I understand, that Mac OS X version of that time can be more friendly for my CPU because of native kernel support.

I already tried a lot of things, including Niresh's images. So, with Niresh High Sierra I have a problem with reboot - at first 1-3 seconds after pressing "Boot Mac OS X & Install" in Clover. Nothing helped and no any info at all even with -v -x. It also doesn't matter, whether I choose "Don't reboot on panic" or not - always reboot. But I was surprised that Niresh High Sierra has a lot of configs (config.plist). Reboot problem was with default config, config.plist, with some other configs I got black screen (if using -v). 


So, what I did with Niresh's Yosemite:

At start, as with many other images, I got a black screen problem. Then I "copy-pasted" configs from Niresh High Sierra to my flash with Yosemite and I got a progress! :) But again I'm still before installation process)) Now I Have "root device UUID is xxxx-xxxx.xxxx..."

My configuration:

MSI Gaming 3 (Intel Z97 chipset, Audio - Realtek ALC1150, Network - Killer E2205), i7-4770k (Haswell), 16gb (2x8Gb) Corsair DDR3, Gigabyte nVidia 1070, clean OCZ SSD 240gb (just initialised in GPT, that's all) and a Samsung display connected to 1070 via HDMI.


How to solve problem with root device? I understand that problem is somewhere in config.plist. Clover configurator is a little bit hard for me - I just don't know what to do, what to choose, regarding to my problem.

Here is a screenshot, under spoiler.

Thank you!





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