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Hackintosh on LGA 775 platform

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I'm trying to set up my first hackintosh ever, but the system I'm using for it is quite old. I have a modded xeon E5420 on an ASRock G41C-S, with 2x4 GB of DDR3 memory and a GT510 as graphics card. I followed a video tutorial on youtube (https://youtu.be/O8fCgmQd7SY) but at 9:48 the guy in the video says that the bootflags he's using are only for his specific machine (in fact those don't work for me). How can I know my bootflags? I haven't completely understood what a bootflag is right now, since this is my first experience with hackintosh. If anyone can help me, thanks.


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I have checked that youtube video, extremely unacceptable

nv_disable is useless with Yosemite

cpus=1 not cpus=0

instead of cpus=1, you can use /hp which loads HP kernel and all your CPU cores will work

You can even try /amd or /amd1 boot-flags with Yosemite, They really work in some cases

LGA 775 is something old, better try Mavericks or Yosemite

SSE4.1 Instruction set is required to run Sierra

Configure your BIOS correctly to avoid instant reboot issue.

If you are having an instant reboot then there is something wrong with your BIOS Settings

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