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Struck at Apple logo After installing kext from multibeast

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I have installed mac os seirra ( Hackintosh Zone Distro - Link https://www.hackintoshzone.com/files/file/1008-hackintosh-sierra/ ) but after its installation my front audio jack was working but audio not full to maximum extent but Audio device at jack on back panel not working & also my graphics are not fully using resolution of my monitor.

When I installed Clover Bootloader, Audio driver through Multibeast & nvidia web driver & rebooted it struck at apple logo. As i don't have any technical educational background I don't know what to do when I struck there, that's why I reistalled the OS ( Till now nearly 10-15 times in three days ) & tried different Permutations & combinations but every times when (I Think) graphics improves to some extent (not @ full resolution) at booting i.e. Apple Logo system struck there.

Once I also managed to get audio working through multibeat but I don't know how (By which settings) thats why trying again & again to get through it.

Sometimes on freshly installed system i got resolution 1024 x 768 instead of 1400 x 900 (original) & sometimes i got 800 x 600 instead of 1400 x 900 (original).

Now I just reinstalled it then installed nvidia web driver but After mounting EFI Folder there is only Apple folder in it no other folder like Colver in it i have a clover bootloader by default in distro & can't even update config.plst as it is saying that you doesn't own this file.

PLz Plz Plz Help me out from this dead end road to me.

Please Tell me what to do so that i can have a working mac os & also guide me what to do when struck at logo & please refer me some tutorials (vedios & Articles complete step by step that are easy to follow for a noob like me.

My System Specifications are:-

CPU - i5 6500
Motherboard - MSI H110M PRO-VD
Graphics Card - 4 GB GTX 1050 TI
Hard Disk for Mac - 160GB HDD
Monitor - LG Monitor (1400x900)


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