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graphics card not recognised

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Had a successful Mackintosh instalation

I made the mistake of making the last security update from apple.
After that the 1st boot, clover was not functioning well.
The problem seemed to be related to nvidia so i tried to make the update of the drivers.

The problem got worse, and my graphics card went undetected.
I tried disabling "inject Nvidia" and enabling the web drivers but my graphics card continues not to be recognised.
Already used clover configurator to try to enable the web drivers, but only manage to boot on Sierra with a generic graphic card and really bad graphics.
It seems that i lost my graphics card acess.
The option to inject Nvidia continues to appear on Clover boot, and even when I disable it and enable the web drivers, my graphics car continues undetected.

Also tried to disable the inject Nvidia on Clover, but failed.
I can stil boot in windows normally.
Already updated the Nvidia drivers on WIN and on Sierra.
Please Help.

Motherboard ASUS Maximus VIII Hero

Intel i7 6700K

Graphics GeForce GTX 1060

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Have you upgraded the drivers?

Boot with clover and select "use web drivers" and disable "inject nvidea" tab...

I followed all the mackintosh threads and on the tonymacx86 site and I think I found the answer on the Sierra installation forum, under the alternate method to install video drivers...

but if you search for 1060 GTX or or nvidea and the answer is there in one of STORKE's threads...I think...

Hope that helps

I do not remember all the steps

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