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10.9.1 upgrade the 'Niresh' and Easy Way

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I doubt that very many of you will find this post very relevant, primarily due to the fact that I am running pretty dated hardware that, for the most part, is a very compatible build and hasn't been too problematic while running Snow Leopard. Mavericks, on the other hand has been unsuccessful to completely install. I had many graphics and reboot issues trying to get 10.9 going, until I discovered the BRILLIANT and Extremely Straight Forward Niresh Mavericks . By following his terminal line installation instructions EXACTLY, then being PATIENT in allowing this wonderful distro to do its stuff (that means not jumping the gun in assuming you are locked up when the verbose screen seems to be locked up at the 'AGPMController Unknown Platform' line). Upon completing the setup and rebooting, the start time becomes quite fast, but I was still at 10.9 and wanted to get completely up to date by installing 10.9.1, but as other sites have suggested, I did NOT want to make a UNIBEAST boot disk and install the current version that way. I chose to do it the simple and what now seems obvious, way. By running the NON-slipstreamed 10.9.1 upgrade avail able from Apple here -




This upgrade does require a restart to install, but it does NOT require a restart to COMMENCE the installation process. It closes all your apps and brings you to a grey screen where the upgrade is deployed. The progress bar said it would take 3 minutes to complete (actually it took about 9 minutes total). After a reboot I was up and going with no special commands or or procedures needed. Some say that you need to reinstall your Audio kexts but I am using an MAUDIO MobilePRE USB box for my Audio, so that was not an issue.


I just think that Niresh and Deepak and everyone involved in making this site happen are simply The BEST!

Your work is brilliant. Your guidance and assistance has been clear, concise and nonjudgmental. I am a member of all the major Hackintosh  groups/forums, and they are all great communities in their own right, but none of them inspired me to have the confidence to jump into stuff I knew so little about and end up with exactly what I wanted, An Up-toDate WORKING Hackintosh as well as the personal satisfaction of having REALLY learned how and why it's working so well. THANKS for Everything!!P.S. I should be receiving a little extra cash soon and I will be donating what I can in hopes that it helps you to keep on doing what you do BEST!!

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