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Nivida web drivers not working

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Nivida web drivers not working:headbang:

i5 3750k
GTX 970

Nvidia drivers installed fine but when I choose them from the Nvidia menu, when the system re-boots it still has Mac OS x drivers selected, Have tried installing emuvaribleuefi-64 with rt varibles in clover and the nvidagraphicsfixup.kext with Lilu.kext none of which has worked,

I have re-installed my old GTX660 which works natively, not an idea solution can anyone help please?

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HI, I had the same problem, and after some reading I found that Nvidia Drivers works on Sierra 10.12.6 .

So I can not make it work with the hackintosh SIerra USB , even on updating (It did not update I dont know why)

So I just downloaded with a Mac the latest Sierr 10.12.6 and then after some struggling I can use my 1050 Gtx with the Nvidia Drivers, that is shown correctly with 2gb memory in the about this Mac screen.

So use Sierra, update clover and then I use nvidiafix and lilu.kext , oh and depending on your mother you may have to inject some libraries emuvariable and other one (I have to do this) My mother is a Gigabyte Ga H110m H Ddr4 Intel 1151.

I followed the install for Sierra method in https://www.tonymacx86.com/

Hope this helps, if there is some error please forgive me , this is my first hackintosh install.

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