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Usb port not supported

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Usb port not supported

Hi all,

I created a vanilla bootable usb with mcpwn tool, but during the first boot from the usb drive I stuck in some error message.

The problem is this:

If I boot with just the normal bootflags dart=0 and nv_disabled=1, in verbrose mode it gave me the message 'RTC=On' and the installation process stop here. I've used even PCIRootUID=1 but nothing changed.

Then I tried npci=0x3000/0x2000 and something changed but from bad to worse. With this boot flags it gave me an error related to the usb port, and after 30 sec all the screen crash and all words erased in part(it's a kernel panic? sorry but never seen one)

Anyway I'll upload some pics.

It all start with this message, does it mean something?


then it comes to the error:



and finally the screen words crash:


Which could be the problem, can you help me?



My pc specs are the following:

mobo: OEM motheboard based on x79 chipset. Sorry but don't know the exact model

CPU: i7-4820k

GPU: nVidia geforce gtx 760 with 1.5 gb

RAM: 8 gb ddr3 in quad channel(even these are oem so I don't know the exact model)


Thanks you


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