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Can Help me for my hackintosh?

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Hopefully you're on Windows:

  1. Grab a copy of Niresh/Zone hackintosh (DMG please) installation image.
  2. Grab a copy of TransMac (You can find it here or on TPB)
  3. Grab a flashdrive (8GB+ for versions of OS X up to Yosemite (10.10) and 16GB+ for versions of OS X newer than Yosemite (10.10))
  4. Sit back and let TransMac write the DMG image to your flash drive.
  5. Grab MultiBeast for your version of OS X and create a new folder on your flashdrive (using TransMac) and move the MultiBeast file over.
  6. Grab the Nvidia Web Drivers (from their website) and put them on the flashdrive (if you have enough space at this point)
  7. Reboot the system with the flashdrive still plugged in (unless you're hackintoshing another system)
  8. Spam F10 to get into the boot menu (to select your flashdrive)
  9. Press TAB when you see the basic prompt to boot into OS X or to boot into Windows (to type in some bootflags)
  10. Use these bootflags: -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No nv_disable=1
  11. You should now sit back and hope that you don't encounter the dreaded "Uptime in nanoseconds" kernel panic upon booting into the OS X installer.
  12. Now that you've successfully installed OS X, you'll want to run the same bootflags again to set up your account and to install the drivers.
  13. Once you've got the Nvidia Web Drivers installed and the default kexts from MultiBeast; you can restart the system
  14. Now you can get away without any bootflags, but it's still recommended to use the verbose mode for troubleshooting: -v

Let me know if you have any roadblocks in the way during this process.

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