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Found 16 results

  1. Error while booting installer usb "Still Waiting For Root Device" "host controller was not halted" Hello everyone! Here's a picture: http://imgur.com/aOnKXTz My configuration : -Asus Zenbook UX31E -1.8GHz Intel Core i7-2677M -13.3in glossy LED-backlit 1600 x 900 -4GB DDR3-1333MHz -256GB SSD -Integrated Intel HD 3000 -1 x USB 3.0 -1 x USB 2.0 -802.11b/g/n -Bluetooth 4.0 It stucks here, I kept waiting for 15-20 minutes but it repeats the same errors again and again. I tried using USBBusFix=Yes but it doesn't work. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. TonnyG95

    AMD R7 360 problem

    AMD R7 360 problem Hey guys i have problem with my graphics driver i use AMD R7 360 graphics card and i can't install kext for it...I know that AMD8000 Controller and AMDX4000 should work for my graphics but it won't work i tried install kext with Kext Wizard and app said that kext are install but nothing heaping with my graphics it still on low resolution 1024x768 and it laggy..Can you guys help me? i really don't know what to do,Everything else is working perfect only problem is graphics i hope you guys find solution for my problem
  3. Yordi Yordelian

    Mouse And Keyboard Not Working!?

    I got up to the boot screen but nothing works I see some moving words thats it My mouse and keyboard dont work! Automaticly boots wit npci and maxmem I add "kernel=amdfx & -v" my PC Specs are AMD FX-6100 ASUS M5A97 R2.0 8GB RAM Sapphire HD7790 Dual-X OC 1GB
  4. Hi people, I just successfully install Niresh (Mavericks) on my PC. Setup: Asus Sabertooth P67 Intel i7 2600K CoolerMaster Hyper 612 PWM 8gb Mushkin Blackline 1600 Western Digital 200gb HHD 2x SLI GTX 550 Ti TP Link WN7200ND My only 2 problems are that i still can`t make the WiFi to work, neither the Audio. - About the WiFi, I tried several options that i found on the internet, but nothing worked. - And about the Audio, I still haven`t tried much... I know that I might need to run MultiBeast, but my big problem with this, is that i really don`t know which option to check. I would much a appreciate if someone would help me with a solution or any other idea to try. Tnx!
  5. Hello I just downloaded Yosemite zone. File from torrent and make it bootable from transmac now the problem is it got stuck and not loading after apple logo not even 1% loading it freezes there, please help me! Thank you My spec's Intel dual core e2180 GT610 320gb HDD 945GCM S2L 4GB Ram
  6. Ok, Here's the thing... I currently have Windows 7 Home Premium installed on my PC. A few days back, I installed OS X 10.9 Mavericks Zone on my pc and it worked awesome, but I had to go back to Windows 7 as my sister didn't like it. So I went back to Windows 7. Now I'm trying to install OS X 10.10 Yosemite Zone but in the Disk Utility my Seagate 1000GB Hard Disk doesn't show up. Please help ASAP!! Thanks!
  7. DukeBoyty

    Installing Wifi and audio

    i Finally got the Ethernet working but then it stopped working but i want to know how to install the Audio and wifi kexts i have already tried a couple for both but all not working.
  8. Hey Guys, So Straight forward is my PC Compatible - CPU Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 665MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. B75M-D3H (Intel Core i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz) Graphics DELL ST2220L (1920x1080@60Hz) 1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series (MSI) Storage 931GB Seagate ST31000524AS ATA Device (SATA) 465GB Seagate ST950032 5AS USB Device (USB (SATA)) Optical Drives DTSOFT Virtual CdRom Device TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-224BB ATA Device Audio Realtek High Definition Audio THANKS BOYS/GIRLS !!!
  9. Hi guys. I am trying to install the 10.8 Mountain Lion Niresh12495 on my ThinkPad Edge 430. I've done everything that I've found on Google to try solving the fact that my HDD doesn't show up on Disk Utility. Changed to AHCI, disabled UEFI Boot, HD formatted to FAT32, HFS+... Nothing seems to work. So either, I am doing something wrong, or, something is wrong with my ThinkPad. I have even changed the HDD to see if it would work, but, no success. I did not formatted the other HD as much, though. Only as its default NTFS. I am trying to install using a burned DVD-R Here's what I see: That Mac OS X Base System I am not sure of what that it is. But it is just a 1GB partition that does nothing of useful to me. Probably cd folder or something like that (give me a light if you can about it). So, my specs are: Anything else that I need to know or do? Any additional information, I will be pleased to inform.
  10. cant view installer bootloader for Yosemite on NVidia gt610 on the vga port. was working but gave kernel panics when using the intel hd4400 internal graphics during install. any help is appreciated
  11. DISCLAIMER : The 10.9.2 update has broken a lot of installations of Niresh's Mavericks distro due to a new version of Darwin. The steps described below are a generic solution as discussed on various parts of the forums. This is just a re-organized and structured version of the fix. This may not necessarily work for all OSX installs. So instead of only using the kexts packaged by Niresh, please backup any custom kernels or even better your entire extensions folder. Stuff you need : 1) A 1 GB USB (any size actually) 2) The Niresh Mavericks Installer USB 3) An already working mavericks install (optional) If you are stuck with a non-booting Installation of OSX Mavericks : 1) Head over to Windows and download Transmac. 2) Download the PCI Config Kexts from here. 3) Plug in your 1 GB USB and format it to Mac OSX Extended Journaled by right clicking and selecting "Format Disk for Mac" 4) Make a folder named Extensions in the root directory of the USB in Transmac (+HFS Volumes > Right click on White Space > Make New Folder) 5) Copy the kexts (not the folder, the kexts ! ) you downloaded into the Extensions folder. 6) Rename your 1 GB USB to FIX. (If you can't do this using Transmac, format the USB using the Niresh Installer and rename to FIX. Then proceed with Transmac steps (without formatting of course) You're done for the windows part ! Now boot into the Niresh Mavericks Installer 1) Plug in your 1 GB USB after the Welcome Screen has appeared 2) Go to disk utility and mount your FIX usb (Right Click the USB > Mount) 3) Open Terminal and type the following : ditto -V /Volumes/FIX/Extensions/*there is a single space here*/Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ 2) Exit out of Terminal and Reboot 3) Your Hackintosh should finally boot into OSX 10.9.2 If you have a Working Mavericks Installation before hand: 1) Just copy the PCI Fix kexts into a USB Formatted using Disk Utility into Mac OSX Extended Journaled and repeat the same steps from step number 6. 2) Additionally backup the Extensions folder and your Kernels to the USB with a different directory name. Cheers
  12. TessierSenpai

    650Ti Not working correctly

    Hello, I recently installed Mac OS X Mavericks on my AMD FX PC. I did it according to the guide on Mac Breaker. Pretty much I've gotten my Hackintosh to run at 1080p, and everything works perfectly except that my graphics card is not working correctly is being sluggish. My graphics card is a 650 Ti and from what I've been searching it should work perfect oob, which it isn't. I can't find any kext for it either. I have GraphicsEnabler=No in my configuration for Chameleon and when I boot I use the boot flag npci=0x2000. When I go to look at my hardware specifications this is what I get: Whereas other people using this exact same card get the correct specifications (I don't remember the exact thread I looked at that somebody posted theirs.) Does anyone know the solution to this? Thank you c:
  13. When I'm browsing the web my internet works fine however anytime I try downloading anything off uTorrent, downloading a game client off the battle.net client, downloading extra sound samples for Logic Pro X, downloading a game off steam or anything of the sort my internet just stops working but nothing freezes or crashes it simply just stops. The network monitor also shows no sent/received once it stops working as well. I am using an Intel 82583 onboard ethernet port on my Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard. If the kext was wrong wouldn't it not work at all? Any ideas? Thanks - CPU - AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-core 4.0 ghz - Video Card - nVidia GeForce GTX660 x2 SLI - Asus Crosshair V Foruma-Z (Amd 990FX) - WLAN - N/A - Ethernet Intel 82583 Gigabit - Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z onboard Realtek Audio
  14. Hi friends,I have Installed Niresh Mac OS X 10.8.5 In my system...its having MSI G31-P21 motherboard...after that all are working fine like internet, graphics card...except sound... my motherboard having ALC888S soundcard as per manufacturers info... Tried voodoo inbuilt next everything...but no use...please help me...
  15. Hi guys, I have installed Niresh Mavericks 10.9.0 on my laptop and whenever I try to sign in to the Mac App Store, it gives me this error: I have found various solutions online but none of them seem to work... I have tried the following: EthernetBuiltIn=Yes PCIRootUID=Yes device-properties hex stuff here
  16. Yordi Yordelian

    Graphics & Audio

    I got the OS up and running everthing works fine but the Graphics and the Audio! I installed with and without voodooHDA.kext with I get the message there are no devices without it I installed the Mountain Lion Kext for my soundcard and still nothing worked I got build in sound from my M5A97 R2.0 MOBO
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