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Found 7 results

  1. Gostaria de saber como configurar para dar boot sem o pendrive. Instalei o Yosemite em meu MacBook4,1 (2008) mas quando dou boot da kernel panic, queria saber também qual a forma ideal para configurar o EFI.
  2. hackintosh firstimer install questions ive really got 2 questions one is a little strange. is it posible to install this version on a 2007 macbook (core2duo, 4gb ram ) to replace the os? besides that i have a work station computer with 8gb ddr2 ram , core 2 quad 2.66ghz, and a radeon hd 7850 2gb. is it posible to dual boot like have a mac os drive and a windows 10 drive? i have 2 ssds and would like to install mac on one and windows on the other. alot of my productivity is done on mac os (drawing, photo editing, ect... ) but my gaming and recording is done on windows. Is this possible? how would i go about eather of these questions?
  3. trevor1030

    Hackintosh options?

    Hi i currently was interested in converting one of my rigs into a Studio Production computer, my only issue is i just upgraded my current AMD rig to a brand new 4790k intel/nvidia system. I was curious if i could run OS X Yosemite on my old gaming PC the specifications on that are as follows: - AMD 8350 FX - Sabertooth 2.0 Mobo - 16GB DDR3 Ram (1866mhz) - AMD 7850 GPU I would rather not use my current gaming PC that is a 4790k with a 980 gtx because it is a micro ATX build and no room left for hard drives really. So i was curious if i can make the AMD into a hackintosh with somewhat ease! Also would i be able to upgrade the memory to 64gb with yosemite? Thanks in advance !
  4. is it possible to install OS X 10.10 hackintosh zone on a real Mac? after some modding to the image maybe? thanks
  5. stsmuniz

    Macbook white 4.1 issues

    <p>Hi all. After some times trying,I managed to install Niresh's OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.5 on my old Macbook white 4.1, but I'm still facing some issues - It doesn't boot properly: I have to press option at startup and choose the disk with &quot;Windows&quot; written under. Then it goes to a kind of bootloader where I can boot OSX. - No sound - Video is glitchy and doesn't let me use any resolution but 1024x768. - Every time I shutdown, I get a kernel panic. SPECS Well, it's a macbook 4.1. Detailed specs can be found here. The only &quot;plus&quot; is my macbook has 4gb RAM. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all.</p>
  6. Dakota Hahn

    Niresh 10.9 on actual Macbook

    Just a quick question i bought a Early 2007 Macbook on ebay today and i can't install Mavericks through apple. Was wondering if niresh's 10.9 dmg would be able to be installed on my mac. Specs AFAIK C2D 2.00GHZ 2GB 667mhz ddr2 ram 250Gb HDD iGPU Intel GMA 950 Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I have installed MacOS Niresh ML 10.8.5 on my Macbook Aluminium and after install i tried to play some music and surprise, it doesn't have sound. What can be wrong? When i turn off it restarts and says "Your computer has restarted because of a problem. Press a key or wait a few seconds to contiune starting up." It also shows up when i turn it on. Please help me.
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