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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys So I'm trying to share my internet from my wired connection via WiFi, problem is that in System Preferences -> Sharing -> Internet Sharing, my device (the USB dongle) doesn't show up as a WiFi device. It shows up as "Compact Wireless-G USB Ad" Device is a Linksys WUSB54GC Is there anyway I get get my Hackentosh to see it as a WiFi dongle? Any other solutions such as buying an Apple product to make it work? Thanks
  2. Abdelrhman

    Some Problems on HP Laptop

    Hi.. I started using Mac OS Sierra one week ago. I installed Clover on my HP Pavilion G4 1104DX.. I have no problems with the Boot Loader My Problems Are in: - The Internet is not working at all. - The WiFi is not working too. - And I can't find my Display and Battery Drivers. I tried too many ways to solve those problems but none of them worked with me. My Laptop is dead without those things, and I want a Solution as fast as possible, please. I'll be glade if someone Helped me. Thank you.
  3. SeanGoodman

    Ethernet Not Working Rtl81111

    Ethernet Not Working Rtl81111 Hi, I managed to install Niresh Yosemite with chameleon and works fine accept from the Ethernet dosen't work and i don't know what to do I tried the all in one network solution and it does work so i dont know what to do :/ Im on yosemite 10.10.1
  4. So I have successfully installed Yosemite 10.10.1 on my laptop (Dell inspiron -3521 i3) after playing around I had messed up the graphics driver so I have reinstalled Niresh Yosemite. After doing so everything is back up and running but! the problem I am currently having out of the install is I am connected through ethernet and the hackintosh also shows it. I go to safari and it lets me go to Apple, Google, Wiki, Yahoo, Linkedin. But it will not let me go to any other sites such as, facebook, dell etc. I am not sure what the problem is, it even lets me search on google and look at photos but it will not go to the links within google. Any help would be much appreciated thanks ahead!
  5. Specifically, I installed Yosemite 10.10.1 on laptop Lenovo P500, but I do not have internet. Wi-Fi not at all, , so I hooked up DSL cable from the router to a laptop. Also I got another cable from router to the PC. I see that's Ethernet connected, plugged cabble, all ok. but when I try to 'surf' , Safari does not load my page at all. The NETWORK STATUS says ISP Failed, Failed Internet and Server Failed. I tried all kext files, deleted cache files and still nothing. If someone has experience with Hackintosh to help me, this is killing me.
  6. Koneko

    :-c new to this

    Hey guys, nice to meet you. I recently installed OS X 10.10.1 and I'm wondering what I should do next. Never done this before so I'm pretty lost. My screen is not the resolution it's supposed to be. I was wondering if there's a way to install Nvidia graphic driver/kexts (not sure what the difference between drivers and kexts are, would be nice if someone could explain). I have Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT (9 series). Is there something I need to do :-: also is there several steps I should take after installaing OS X. I'm not connected to Internet because I'm using a Cisco wireless adapter so im not sure where to go from here
  7. I have successfully installed yosemite on my pc. my Mobo name is : Asrock z77- extreme 4 But my mobo has Broadcom BCM57781 ethernet port. i am unable to get internet to work. can someone help me pls?
  8. Guest

    TL Wn727n Not Working

    I have a working amdfx 8320 mackintosh running Mavericks 10.9.4. I bought a tl wn727n usb wifi adapter from http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-WN727N-Wireless-Adapter-150Mbps/dp/B0035GU3QM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1413775158&sr=8-1&keywords=tl+wn727n and I installed the mac drivers from the mediated website for the chipset rt5870 but when I try to run the application through terminal it says 'missing executable'. How do I fix???
  9. -CPU (Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.49Ghz) Problem explained further -Graphic Card by exact name (nVidia GT 430) Working - MotherBoard Chipset (Working) - Wlan (TP-Link WN725N) Working with original files - Ethernet (Working) - Audio Card (Working ) -APPStore IMSG FaceTime---Not Working Hello I have a Gateway Sx2800-01c in previous niresh dmg tutorials I followed everything worked perfectly (Audio,internet and graphics) just with the use of this bootflag @ instalation time : USBBusFix=Yes -x -v ... SOLUTIONS: So I formated the partition and started from 0 here , Installed Yosemite 10.10 Zone and installed everything without any bootflag , that lead me to booting error . So now every time I boot up I Insert this bootflag :/ USBBusFix=Yes -f it seems to be the only bootflag that boots up the system. Now Ive managed to get Ethernet,graphics,Audio I used these : - All in one Network Solution in Downloads Session / Network/ - Graphics Kext... I found in another website i have Nvidia gt430 here is the link to it: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nhu1blx1g6v5qv1/AADfNZjdqbR9OlWgBk0eXeX7a?dl=0 (AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.Kext) installed it with Kext Wizard that comes Pre-Installed ... - Audio I used the All in one Audio Solution + ALC662(10.9.4) in download session /Audio/ PROBLEMs : -this is a Core 2 Quad .. but in System Report it say this : Number of Processors: 1 1? isnt it supposed to be 2 here? Total Number of Cores: 4 -Appstore,Imsg,Facetime,Icloud NotWorking Looking forward for this amazing Hackintosh machine I am using everyday. cheers To ALL DEVS IN HERE!! and if someone foinds a solution for CPu plz post it in here it could help other Gateway Owners
  10. Hi everyone, I have set up Niresh's Mavericks 10.9.0 on my VMware Workstation 10 and set the network settings to "NAT" in the machine settings, however what do I need to put in these boxes for it to work with my internet connection? Thanks!
  11. When I'm browsing the web my internet works fine however anytime I try downloading anything off uTorrent, downloading a game client off the battle.net client, downloading extra sound samples for Logic Pro X, downloading a game off steam or anything of the sort my internet just stops working but nothing freezes or crashes it simply just stops. The network monitor also shows no sent/received once it stops working as well. I am using an Intel 82583 onboard ethernet port on my Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard. If the kext was wrong wouldn't it not work at all? Any ideas? Thanks - CPU - AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-core 4.0 ghz - Video Card - nVidia GeForce GTX660 x2 SLI - Asus Crosshair V Foruma-Z (Amd 990FX) - WLAN - N/A - Ethernet Intel 82583 Gigabit - Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z onboard Realtek Audio

    No Wifi No ethernet !!!

    Hello guys my Laptop is acer 5742 i installed Niresh M 10.9.0 everythings work great only network no wifi no ethernet working on it i already tried Niresh ml 10.8.5 but same my wlan card is broadcom 802.11n (Brcm 1045) n my ethernet is broadcom Netlink â„¢ Gigabit Ethernet i like Niresh hackintosh so much and i need to use it but networking problem is killing me PLs help

    No Wifi No ethernet !!!

    Hello guys my Laptop is acer 5742 i installed Niresh ml 10.8.5 everythings work great only network no wifi no ethernet working on it i already tried Niresh mavericks but same result,my wlan card is broadcom 802.11n (Brcm 1045) n my ethernet is broadcom Netlink â„¢ Gigabit Ethernet i like Niresh hackintosh so much and i need to use it but networking problem is killing me PLs help

    No wifi no ethernet HELP!!!

    Hello guys my Laptop is acer 5742 i installed Niresh ml 10.8.5 everythings work great only network no wifi no ethernet working on it i already tried Niresh mavericks but same my wlan card is broadcom 802.11n (Brcm 1045) n my ethernet is broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet i like Niresh hackintosh so much and i need to use it but networking problem is killing me PLs help
  15. Hi, I have successfully installed OS X mavericks on my PC, the specs are below: FX 8320 ASUS 6670 1GB 4GB RAM 1600MHz GA-970a-UD3P The system has been running great except for two problems. 1. My mic inputs do not work. The front panel mic and the mic port on the back of the motherboard do not work. I know it isn't the mic as I have tried it on windows 7 and it works great. Audio out works fine as I use speakers and headphones. 2. My internet connection randomly cuts out. I use a wireless USB internet adapter that also works fine on windows. I use a Ralink program to connect to the internet, which I found on the website. Link here. It connects fine and works great but after about 5-10 minutes it disconnects by itself. It is very annoying because I can't simply reconnect with the software because it doesn't work, I have to physically take out the USB and reconnect it again. Sometimes after doing this, the whole system freezes and I have to reset the computer. Other times it works okay and reconnects to the network. I have no idea why i'm having these problems, if anyone else has please let me know, I will be very thankful. If anymore info is needed about my system just ask. Thanks for the help. Also, my USB 3.0 ports did work but now don't, again, I don't know why. EDIT Just after posting this my internet went off again and when I reset this happened: I reset again and it boots fine.. Hope this helps
  16. Hi, I have recently installed OSX on IBM x 3200 server which I recently managed from somewhere in brand unused condition Everything installed properly just one issue network lan or internet is not working on that, is there some specific drivers which need to be updated to make that work on osx 10.8 Regards, Anchal
  17. Hi, I have successfully installed Niresh Mavericks but I am having trouble setting it up. There is no option for wifi... anywhere. There is no symbol on the MenuBar for wifi/internet and on the System Settings > Networks it only has Ethernet which I am unable to use. How can I connect my USB WiFi to my network? Also, the screen resolution is very low as it doesn't look like the GPU has the correct drivers. I am new to Hackintosh, sorry if this stuff is simple and I don't know it. Also, I am confused as to how you add Kexts and programs such as MacPosi0n... Thanks for the help. _____ Specs: CPU : AMD FX 8320 GPU : Asus HD6670 _____
  18. Hi guys, In windows I use an usb wifi adapter for the internet, it's like So my question is, is there any kext for this adapter in order to run in osx?
  19. Krishna Pritham

    Ethernet Problem

    Hi Niresh. I've Successfully installed your distro Niresh Mavericks 10.9. It also restarted automatically after installation. The Problem is its not connecting with the internet and I'm not able to download multibeast, I also tried it downloading from my other computer and transferring it to my Laptop (which I installed Mavericks) via pen-drive & tab but no luck. Its not even detecting the USB's. I was referring the video by EUWolfozzo Please Help me out. My Laptop Spec Acer Travelmate P243-M 4Gb DDR3 RAM Intel Core i-5 3230 Intel HD4000 2gb Graphics Card
  20. I had this problem in 10.8.2 as well...tonight I got the internet working on this system but it seems very slow.I cant find the graphics driver that will work for this video card..Linux shows the graphics as geforce 8200 and on the conputer tower it states 9200-either way its an integrated graphics card.....To install osx I had to remove the nvidia kexts and graphics enabler=no,once the os was loaded the graphics are horrible,glitchy as well.Upon finally getting internet to work when i open safari its extremely glitchy and when trying to search for something it gets stuck like it cant load the page i want..Can anyone tell me or give me a kext to fix these graphics?Im new here and would love instruction. I was told to use the "geforce 8400gs for mavericks 10.9 kext but when i use it my system goes to "no signal" right after the apple logo
  21. Jaay Milli

    Need Ralink 3090 drivers

    hey everybody im new to this hackintosh community..i installed 10.8.2 bt i wasnt able to use wifi.. the drivers i had for my wifi was for 10.7 n it was for mmy ralink 3090 in my hp probook 4520s bt those drivers dont work with 10.8.2 can someone plz plz help me...all i need is to get this driver workin n dats all...can someone plz make or provide the driver for me..cuz on ralink site they didnt updated
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