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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm quite new here and I've been having some issues getting Hackintosh Zone High Sierra working on my Lenovo M900 Tiny (i3 6100t cpu, 8gb of RAM, 250gb Samsung 850 evo m.2 sata ssd and 2TB Samsung HDD). MacOS is installed on the SSD, the HDD is just for storage. Installing the original 10.13 High Sierra went largely without issue with Hackintosh Zone (after much trial and error with various Hackintosh builds), but when I try to update it to 10.13.2, after installing the update it gets a little way through the on-screen script/booting process and then just restarts and keeps doing so. At the suggestion of another thread possibly on this site I downloaded and put in lilu.kext in the efi partition as instructed (there wasn't one there already, could this be an issue? the kext file I mean, not the efi partition) on a fresh install of High Sierra and exactly the same thing happened again. Is there something else I need to do when updating or am I missing something here? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  2. Not work in Dell Vistro 3559 laptop Dell Vostro 3559 intel-i5-6th gen. 2gb Amd r5 m315 graphics 4gb ram My Problem is --- Plzz help me .... i am also use yur ELcapitan and Niresh mountain lion... it's not working in my laptop..
  3. Hello! I installed Yosemite Zone on my computer, I fixed the resolution to 1600*900, and i got a problem. My AMD A4-5300 APU has an integrated GPU, what is Radeon HD 7480D. I can't find any kexts for this GPU, but my Hackintosh is buggy because of the low vRAM. How I can fix it? Thanks for the help! Sorry for the bad english!
  4. Hi... Noob here.. I followed every instruction and I am stuck on this screen.... No progress bar.. Just a logo .... How can I fix this?? Already tried -v when I do that flag it starts to show a bunch of commands running then boom! It dissapears.. What's going on? Specs...( i7 4790k) z87 (r9270x)
  5. Hello, I'm attempting possibly my 5th attempt at getting OSX working on my computer, been at this for a couple years now. I've run through all the stages up until I get to the "Hackintosh Zone" loading screen and the bar wont progress. I've left it about 5-10 minutes on each custom kernel, they all get me this far. If I try without any kernel I get an instant reset and also weirdly "/AMDFX" apparently can't be found. I'm running a AMDFX6300 (so amdfx might be kinda useful). I have a UEFI Bois and whenever I disable CSM on restart my computer will in able it due to my graphics card. I was also unable to find an option for "XHCI" (which some bios apparently don't have) or an option for "windows type" or "wake up lan" I went through the entire bois checking every screen to be on the safe side as mines set out quite differently. Anyone got any suggestions? I'm using a Chameleon drive. EDIT Left it running for about 1-2 hours on /amd and /amd64 (I have a vague memory that last time I tried to do an OSX install /amd64 or /amdfx was the one I got the most progress with) still not progress.... UPDATE, I'm giving it a shot at doing Mavericks instead. I've managed to get to installing (so far will know soon how it goes) on the kernel amdfx... I am somewhat wondering why AMD FX is missing on the Yosemate version? Should I try re downloading it? Either way if Mavericks works I'm happy enough but I am curious why I couldn't get amdfx before on Yosemite.
  6. MisterWayneYT

    Hackintosh strange Kernel Panic

    Hello, I've installed Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1 on my Alienware X51. In the beginning i had many problems like Reboot Loop but i solved it with the Haswell Kernel and the npci=0x2000 Flag. Then i installed it. And the next problem was the Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport Error when i booted into OSX Yosemite. I fixed it by removing the Kext from the IntelHD Driver. And the next problem was that it was stuck at the [IOBluetoothHCIController][start] -- completed screen. Then i fixed it but after i configured my Hackintosh a Kernel Panic appeared. See in the attached Photo. And sorry for my Bad English. I'm from Germany. Hope you can Help me!
  7. RubiJay

    Infinite loading

    So i recently decided that i prefer mac over windows and yesturday i tried to install it but to no luck. I have created the usb witht yosemite zone and when i boot to it, it starts loading it rely slowly untill after about 2 or 3 hours it gets half way and it stops progressing everaly. Iam kinda nob at this the only times i have instaled mac was on a macbook pro and the unibody but the proces was straight forward select cd/usb and choose where to install and wait till its done, and here i have no idea what to do my pc specs are Intel i54460 @ 3.20 GHz 16GB Ram (not sure whats the clock on it but if needed i can find out) msi Gtx 750 ti Asus H81M-D Plus motherboard i also have a dedicated 1TB hdd for the mac asuming it will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. please i downloaded the dmg and successfully burnt it to an 8GB USB. But when i want to boot the USB, before i even get to the selection screen and write flags and select which drive to boot i get stuck at this symbol _- or _/ something like that. I have an HP Pavilion dv6 Insyde Bios. I already installed niresh mavericks and it works perfectly. So what's wrong with Yosemite? Can it be fixed and how?