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Found 36 results

  1. After installation stuck on Apple logo with spinning wheel Having some trouble getting Mavericks to boot, after I select the hard drive that I installed it on it goes into a gray apple loading screen with a spinning wheel, after a minute or two it freezes and will not boot. My specs: AMD Fx 6300 Six-core Processor MSI 970A-G43 Mobo Evga Geforce Gtx 750 ti
  2. Hello, I write today because I'm having a problem installing OSX High Sierra on my PC, after preparing the usb with transmac and dmg file and setting the bios, I start the installer and press on install but as soon as the screen with the strings for the installation crashes all to the +++++++++++++++++ and it does not go on.Someone could tell me why? because it's been two days that I try to find a solution. Thanks in advance
  3. djdoripan

    Maverick Freeze

    Maverick Freeze Hello guys!!! i have been issues with my niresh maverick 10.9. it's installed perfect! no kext error, no missing kext but when using any web browser as chrome and safari in new minutes my pc freeze and need to press the POWER buttom! I can use anything in my pc and it work well! But when surfing wih any web browser or letting the navigator opened in background it freezer my pc! PC Config: MOB: Gigabyte GE CPU: Core 2 Duo Memory: 4gb Graphic: Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT Ethernet: Realtek 8139c (PCI Card) Audio: Behringer Control 1 USB (External Device)
  4. monda7

    freeze using sierra

    freeze using sierra i had niresh yosemite, but last day i decided to update to sierra, everything works fine, but when i'm using it somethimes it freeze and the only thing that i can do is force the switch off of the computer, so i tried to return to yosemite, but every time i get a "kernel panic" problem. any help? i5 4460 lenovo sharkbay mb gtx 745
  5. csabikaa97

    Mac OS X freeze problem

    Mac OS X freeze problem Hi guys. I downloaded niresh' Mac OS X 10.8.5 usb amd distro and i burnt the dmg to a pendrive with Transmac. I can boot from the pendrive, and I can start the installer from it. Somehow when i try to install it it always freezes at the same time. If i'm really fast, I can get to the installing process but the installation fails everytime. It's like the boot media is disconnected or something, but it's not. I tried a lot of "fixes". I tried ram switching, other kernel, videocard switch ( fully supported natively ). I even tried other distros and all of them does the exact same thing. It's not a kernel panic, i debugged it before. Please help me with this issue. My PC's specs: CPU: Amd Athlon 64 x2 4200+ 2,2ghz 2 cores 2 thread ( btw only 1 core is detected by bootloader ) RAM: 4 x 1 GB DDR2 800Mhz GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 ( I know it's not officially supported by 10.8, but i disabled it ) MOBO: GA-MA69G-S3H Drives: - 2 x SATA Hard drives, one for install. ( 7200 rpm both - 70 MB read/write ) - 1 x 16gb pendrive for installer ( 15-20 MB read/write ) - Nothing else installed. I tried different boot flags: -v, "Kernel"="/amd" ( tried using different kernels too ), GraphicsEnabler=No, IGPEnabler=Yes ( for integrated ), -f, -x, dart= 1 / 0, AtiConfig=Flicker / Flycker, USBLegacyOff=Yes, maxmem=4096, arch=x86_64, I tried to burn the dmg file to a hard drive using Transmac. I could boot from it, it was the same as booting from usb pendrive. I tried Single channel vs dual channel memory configs. I tried other pendrives too. My bios settings are all good for mac os x: S3 suspend mode, AHCI controller enabled, Hpet set to 60 bit mode, Virtualization on. The funny thing is that my little notebook can run it with 1,6ghz 1 core 2 thread 1 gb ddr3 ram and a sata hard drive( 5200 rpm - 30 mb read/write). Please reply if you know how to solve this problem. Thanks One more thing to mention: The installer freezes always at the same time. It's like it's programmed to freeze after 30 sec or something. Maybe its related to ram. Everytime I try to open disk utility, it opens up and then crashes, or it does not even appear and the spinning cursor starts spinning. i tried to wait for it for 2 hours. I think it's not normal.
  6. Hello, I am trying to install Mac OS Maverick on my PC. These are the specs: Processor Amd FX 8150 3.6 GHz. RAM 8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz Motherboard Asus Sabertooth 990FX. Video Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 560 Ti1GB DDR5 HDD1 Seagate Barracuda 2 TB HDD SATA 6 Gb/s HDD2 OCZ 120GB Agility 3 Series Solid State Drive (SSD) Disk for the mavericks installation HDD3 Samsung 840 Series 250 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) When I set the boot flags amdfx -v and -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes and No, the system is freezes in the load process for start the installation process. I attached a screenshots in the point in that the system load is freezes. I hope can you help me, and thank you very much for the help; and the work done. If you need more information please let me know. PD: Sorry for my bad English. Best regards, Leonardo Monge.
  7. Yosemite Freezes at Hackintosh Logo After searching for a whole day I couldn't find any solution. My problem is when I boot, the system freezes on Hackintosh Logo. I've used -v command. It then freezes to a black screen after loading some lines. I could not know after which line this black screen comes, because the lines appear so quickly and suddenly turns into black screen. I'm using Acer Aspire V3-574 core i3 5005U with 4gb ram. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello, can someone please send me exact boot flags for this configuration, because everytime I've got stucked at boot befeore installation. I've tried different boot flags but still same. CPU: Intel G3220 GPU: GeForce GTX 950 RAM: 2x4GB Thanks a lot!
  9. My System is Hp i3 2nd Gen 2 Gb Ram Intel HD3000 Graphics I tried to install Yosemite on laptop with usb made from Trans mac n Yosemite USB dmg file, first installation gave an error saying couldn't be installed so i tried installing again this time installation completed successfully on reboot first got error of debugger which happens to be solved with cpus=1 flag now am stuck on boot screen freezes at 50% Please Help
  10. My hackintosh is freezing randomly, I tried everything but it still crashes. I broke my system for like ten times and it still freezes. I dont use dedicated GPU, I only use iGpu Intel 4600HD. My motherboard is AsRock Anniversary H97 and I have 16GB ram.
  11. This is my first time time OS X installation on a laptop. Configuration as below, CPU: Intel Core i7 4500U GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 820M - 2GB RAM: 8GB Model: ASUS X550LD I installed the OS using "xpcm-free -v" It worked and after installation, I'm not able to Boot for the first time. I tried booting with "-v" and the result is.. .. After that I tried booting it with, "-v -x GraphicsEnabler=No" and "-v -x PCIRootUID=1/0 (both) GraphicsEnabler=No/Yes (Both)" But couldn't get it working. the result is as follows, ... I tried booting the OS with "-s" to backup the Graphics kext files, but in my "/System/Library/Extensions" directory doesn't consist of any AppleIntel* files or anything. There are only 5 or 6 files kext files nothing else. Please help me with your suggestion to boot the OS. Thanks In Advance
  12. Hello, i installed MAC OS X Yosemite by tutorial and after I choose Boot when you are selecting between system disk & recovery disk, my screen freeze at blured background image like this: https://i.gyazo.com/d36674655f5642f60a9d37d7c5bd469a.png And nothing happens This is my settings in VirtualBox (im using Win7): My hardware: CPU: Intel i5 4670 RAM: 8GB DDR3 2400Mhz Kingstone HyperX GPU: Asus EAH6850 MB: Asus Z87-C Thank you very much for any hint
  13. Hi everyone, I installed the Niresh Yosemite Distro on my PC and after 4 or 5 resinstallations / reconfigurations I still got the same issues. First of all here is my config : My issue : - I have some random freeze appearing. The screens become complete frozen. First I though it was caused by CPU or RAM surcharge so I tried to surcharge them (cpu were 95% and ram 98% of capacity) and nothing append. First two days I don't constated any troubles. But today during I was on safari, one first freeze appeared. I restarted and 8mins later another freeze. Restared again, and mackintosh won't boot. I tried 3, 4 times to boot in verbose mode but there were no warning messages, the screen just came black and rebooting indefinitely. I tried to boot on the USB, it worked, and then I came to reboot on the SSD... And now I'm tipping here using my mackintosh and waiting the next freeze... :/ Could someone help me to fix my issue ? PS : You can find below my log file during the freeze. PS2 : sorry for my english mistakes, I'm french ! Bye !
  14. Hello everyone, My problem starts to reboot after installing ("Niresh Yosemite 10.10") after installation, when you reboot and should enter the settings for the first time, shows a gray screen, and not continuous from there. I've tried many flags (-v, -f -x -F, cpus=1, GraphicsEnabler=No, UHCIreset, etc...) but the result is the same, a gray screen, I can't think of anything else, had already installed "Niresh Mavericks" but had not had problems (at least with the installation), and installing Yosemite, I leave with customization options by default, I do not move anything, and yet the result is the same, at the beginning of the installation but using the flag for my AMD processor ("/amd64") I went out error ("still waiting for root device"), but it solves the flag (USBLegacyOff=Yes), and then if starting the installation. Here the specs of my PC, is an old machine, but still could install Mavericks: CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual-Core GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 8400gs 512 MB HDD: Hitachi 320 GB SATA RAM: Kingston 4 GB Motherboard: MSI Nvidia chipset (MCP61P) Ports USB: only 2.0 PDT: Sorry for my por English. En Español: Saludos, Mi problema es que después de reiniciar luego de haber instalado "Niresh Yosemite", cuando debería entrar a la configuración del Mac por primera vez, me aparece una pantalla gris, nada mas, solo una pantalla gris y se queda ahí congelado, he probado con todos los flags que encontré (-v -f -x cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No etc...) pero el resultado sigue siendo el mismo, la misma pantalla gris, no se que hacer mas, pues creo que lo he intentado casi todo, antes tenia instalado "Niresh Mavericks" y la instalación no genero muchos conflictos, y de ahí uno que otro problema pero ya, andaba, incluso en la instalación de Yosemite en la parte de personalizar la instalación lo dejaba por defecto y el resultado después de reiniciar es el mismo, a pesar de que mi procesador es AMD, usaba el flag "amd64" y me generaba el error "still waiting for root device" y lo arreglaba con el flag "USBLegacyOff=Yes" y la instalación continuaba normalmente. Estas son las especificaciones de mi PC, es vieja pero aun así pude instalar Mavericks: CPU: AMD Atlhon 64 X2 Dual-Core GPU: Nvidia Geforce GT 8400gs 512 MB HDD: Hitachi 320 GB SATA RAM: Kingston 4GB Placa: MSI chipset Nvidia (MCP61P) solo con puertos USB 2.0
  15. Blarghith

    Unable to boot

    Hi guys, I have a Dell Inspiron with Vista that I'm trying to make into a Hackintosh. Long story short, I made a USB drive, and inserted it this morning, booted it, and everything went fine. However, when it got to the setup screen, the mouse was glitchy and I was only able to select the language option before it froze. I restarted it, of course. Now, every time I try booting, it gets stuck on the Hackintosh loading screen and the bar progresses no further. I have tried a few boot flags with various amounts of some success, but nothing major. Help? Thanks!
  16. Danish Humair

    Unable to Install on VirtualBox

    Hello! I am trying to install Yosemite on VirtualBox using the *.iso file. Here is the information of the virtual machine. And when I go through the whole process of selecting the disk and all that, in the installation, it gets stuck at two minutes remaining. This is not even my first attempt at installing mac, it always get stuck at this point. When I click with my mouse, the mac spinning beach call loading cursor shows up and never stops spinning. I have seen other threads regarding the same issue. If you know what causes this problem, please do tell me and the rest who are facing this problem when trying to install Yosemite. Thank You, Invader Tom +------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | Computer | | • Ram: 8GB | | • Processor: Intel® Core i5-2400 | | CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.10 GHz | | • 64bit and x64 based processor | | • Windows 8.1 Pro | | | +------------------------------------------------------------+
  17. naza98m

    Clock and UI freeze

    Me again. I've discovered that, after using my Hackintosh for a while, the clock freezes and I have to kill SystemUIServer to fix it, and I'm pretty sure this happens more often if the computer is under heavy load (i.e., running Photoshop). The system clock seems to keep running, because the correct time is shown in the console, which displays this at roughly the time when the clock stops ticking (in this case, at 13:36:42, as shown in the menu bar). 27/12/14 13:36:40,294 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 4B7E0A5279598D0B 27/12/14 13:36:40,294 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 4B7D47C000000000 27/12/14 13:36:53,789 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time 71553D8F79598D0B 27/12/14 13:36:53,790 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time 7154CA7600000000 27/12/14 13:37:03,899 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: last_mach_absolute_time CBE1FFEC79598D0B 27/12/14 13:37:03,899 mDNSResponder[40]: mDNSPlatformRawTime: this_mach_absolute_time CBE1693000000000 The same message is shown constantly, before and after the clock stops. Could it be related, or is it just a bug with Bonjour and other Apple services? In addition to this, and again under heavy load, the window in which I'm working on freezes, and I have to click to "refresh" it. This is specially noticeable and annoying in Photoshop, since I can't do anything without having to click twice and sometimes even minimize the window. I'll be very grateful if someone could help me, and sorry for the long post! EDIT: The UI also freezes on uTorrent, even if the clock is working properly.
  18. Before we get to the topic matter at hand here are my specs: - AMD FX 8320 Black -16 GB Ballistix Ram - 1 TB WD Blue - 1 TB WD Black - GTX 750 Superclocked - Asus M5 A97 2.0 LE - 400W Thermal Take So my problem is pretty basic when I startup my hackintosh it just hangs on the Apple logo with a loading bar under it. Like this: http://imgur.com/6StT6y4 The entries that I tried when I boot are /amdfx and sometimes -x. Sometimes if I try using -x or -v then it will just restart my PC for some reason. It doesn't give a log sometimes when I use -v either. I've also tried /amd, /amd64 and /amd32. None of them seem to work. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.
  19. Yosemite Zone 10.10 i5 430m hp dv6 amd vision phenom 2 quad core hp dv6 both freeze at spinning "/" cant even get to the point to type /hp or anything tried a modded bios on the i5 still freezes at spinning "/" tried to boot clover using 6 just gives me a cpu caller error and freezes if someone could help id be grateful
  20. თედი

    Installation stuck at 15 mins - Yosemite 10.10 (Niresh)

    Hello, i created USB Installer, using GPT Hard drive, formated 100GB as hfs+ partition and when i'm choosing partition and trying to install Yosemite on it, it freezes at 15mins and after that USB Flash Drive is not blinking just lighting... please help me...(HP Pavilion g6, I3-3110M, 750GB) (sorry for my english)
  21. ~~~System Information~~~ CPU (Intel Core i7 4820K @ 3.7GHz - 2011 LGA) Graphics Card (EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX 760) Motherboard (Asus P9X79 LE) RAM (DDR3 12.0GB) Samsung SSD 830 Series 128GB ~~~System Information~~~ Hello Hackintosh Community, I started off from creating my Niresh USB from windows 8.1 and I couldn't format my SSD into Mac OS Extended (Journaled) at the Installation Setup. So far the essential boot flag that got me the furthest is " amd cpus=1 -x -v ". I did try a number of combination of PCIRootUID=1 / USBBusFix=Yes / GraphicsEnabler=No / npci=0x2000 , but it didn't make much of a difference as an outcome. Usually when I just turn on my PC to try out some boot flags like " amd cpus=1 -x -v " as my essential, I could get all the way to the Installation setup but freeze whenever I click on the 'Disk Utility'. After the first reboot, I am now always freeze at the installation setup whenever it appears. It's either that or my mouse and keyboard are not active everytime. I find it weird that background ('Welcome' word in all languages) of the installation setup moves from left to right in one shot and stops in one second. I could record a video of what I exactly mean if needed. I did try using -s to key some commands, but the keys on my keyboard suddenly became overly sensitive whenever I press a letter. Like fsck can be like ffffffffssssssccccccckkkkkkkk if I am not gentle and quick with pressing. I also had no idea why does amd / amd64 / amdFX boot flag helps despite not using an amd processor of any sort. But without it, the screen will just go black after ':///BaseSystem.dmg' or sometimes 'Legacy USB OFF Done' according to what boot flag I use. I tried waiting for the black screen to do someting for almost 10 minutes but nothing happened. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  22. Ehigie Paul

    Adobe Premiere and Ae freezes

    Hello and good day, I successfully installed the Niresh Maverick 10.9 Hackintosh on my pc,with the specification AMD FX 8350 Nvidia GTX 690 16GB ram 250 SSD 4TB HDD And i also updated from 10.9 to 10.9.5 I installed all my softwares but have some issues running them sometime, I have to hard restart due to it freezing. My mouse point can move but cant click on anything on the deck. Please can someone help my resolve this issue. Thanks
  23. Hey Everybody, I recently installed OS X Mavericks on my PC with Unibeast. On Languages selection, my Mouse and my keyboard are not working. I've tried althought all the USB ports on my motherboard but nothing, I followed too tutorial to configure the Bios but nothing too. How to fix this Problem please ? Many thanks ( Sorry for my English ) My config: -Gigabyte Z77M-D3H -8Gb Ram 1600mhz -Intel Core i5 3570K -ATI SAPPHIRE HD 7970.
  24. jamircan

    No boot after ssd upgrade

    Hi. I installed niresh distro on dell e5420 on external drive (hdd). Then I've upgraded drive to Crucial mx100 ssd. Cloned drive, maked fresh install, nothing works. First I got Bot0 error - i managed with that. Now. I can boot to os x through other usb - install or old hdd (use other bootloader I think), but if I boot from ssd - stuck at apple logo. Got chameleon 2.2 r2391. Boot hangs after AppleKeyStore line. So i can use older drive to ignite bootloader and then mavericks can start from ssd. Anyone got idea how to boot from ssd ?
  25. ~~~System Information~~~ CPU (AMD FX 8320 4.5ghz) Graphics Card (nVidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost Motherboard (990fx) Wlan(TP-LINK Wireless PCI Express Adapter) Ethernet(Realtek Pcie GBE Family controller) Audio Card(SB Recon3D PCIe) ~~~System Information~~~ So I installed Mavericks fine with the boot flag amdfx, but after installing, it restarts and the screen freezes(everything freezes). I have also put my cpu back to stock speeds and it still froze. Any help is appreciated
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