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Found 24 results

  1. Infnitum

    Unusual boot:0 error

    Unusual boot:0 error Hey guys, I recently installed Niresh's Yosemite Zone 10.1.1. I followed this YouTube tutorial as closely as I could: The problems began when I tried to boot without the usb. All I received at first was the text "boot0ss: error". I dug around online, and eventually "solved" it using chameleon wizard, but now, I get the text "boot:0 error". No other text, unlike some of the cases I've seen online. Niresh's I have tried my hardest to solve it to no avail. For now, I have un mounted the drive OS X was installed on, formatted the partition, and planning to attempt the process of installation again tomorrow because when it first installed, it said it could not be installed on the machine (but somehow worked anyway). Any suggestions are appreciated - I'm a super-noob at this Thanks in advance hope to get this figured out! PC Specs: Intel i5 4690k Samsung 850 Evo 250GB w/ 1 partition for Windows and 1 for Mac Gigabyte GA Z97MX Gaming 5 16 GB RAM no graphics card atm Boot flags: -v -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 -no-zp I have tried: Dd and Sudo of drive partition; says location doesn't exist. Reinstallation (both attempts mysteriously resulted in an installation failure, but still allowed me to boot into Mac) Clearing the mac partition completely and unmounting it - this is what leads me to believe it's a bootloader issue Using chameleon wizard and changing it to boot0hfs.
  2. Fred Frederiksen

    GPU not Recognised; Nvidia GT 740 SC

    Hello H-Zone community, I have built my first ever Hackintosh and am very close to finishing the process of coding it and working out the kinks. I have found kexts to fixing USB3, Audio, wifi, etc. however, I am having a very difficult time having my GPU recognized by my OSX. This leads to a glitchy mouse, stretched screen always in 1280x1024, bad graphics glitches, and my HDMI monitor not getting video signal (VGA does). I will provide hardware and whatever else needed upon request. MB: Sabertooth x79 GPU: NVidia Geforce GT 740 sc (Evga 4gb, GDDR5) CPU: Intel i7 4930K Ram: GeSkill Ripjaw 32gb DDR3 I am running Yosemity 10.10.2 and have the most recent web driver from NVidia loaded for mac. I have also had the most luck programming Clover Bootloader but am unsure why it is having a hard time with the GPU. Down below will have my clover .config and maybe someone can shed some light on what I am missing Thanks for the help!
  3. CosmicAnt

    Dell 7737

    hi , i have a question , i make the usb with mavericks inside and when i try to install i get a apple logo and it freezes and nothing happens for hours , i need another usb with chameleon to boot into the installation process? thanks a lot!
  4. Hey there! So I seem to have an issue with my Yosemite Zone bootloader.. Whenever I boot to my USB, it seems to get stuck at the little loading sign it makes just before entering the bootable menu. If anyone knows how to fix this please help! My specs: Dell Optiplex 755 Modified Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, 8GB Ram, GTX 750ti, Windows 10, I also have 3 Harddrives in which I want to put Mac OSX on one of them.
  5. Hello Everyone, im using Yosemite Zone on my AMD System with chameleon bootloader. But in "about my mac" its showing serial number as unavailable. Kindly help me to fix this issue. The kernel im using is the one given in the distro "amd1". Please help me fix this. My Configuration: CPU: AMD FX 8350 MOTHERBOARD: ASUS M5-A97 R 2.0 RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: nVIDIA GTX 760
  6. Hi, have Niresh 10.10.2 installed with Clover EFI. I have no other OS just this one 10.10.2 installed in my computer. With I use only one HDD (system with OSX) I can boot. When I connect other HDDs I can not boot from cold start and need to restart. Then system boot normaly. I am looking for solution. Thnx in advice
  7. Hi, I managed to have a working installation of Yosemite zone on my laptop on the same drive with windows installed. I made standard usb boot disk with Yosemite zone and had to change my bios from UEFI to Legacy to boot from it Now that everything is working, is there a way for me to change the Chameleon Standard to anything UEFI so I can boot on my windows partition without having to enter bios each time to change the BIOS mode ? thx Acer V5-572G Intel I5 3317U @1,80Ghz HD4000 / Nvidia GT 750m
  8. please i downloaded the dmg and successfully burnt it to an 8GB USB. But when i want to boot the USB, before i even get to the selection screen and write flags and select which drive to boot i get stuck at this symbol _- or _/ something like that. I have an HP Pavilion dv6 Insyde Bios. I already installed niresh mavericks and it works perfectly. So what's wrong with Yosemite? Can it be fixed and how?
  9. purecanuck

    Bootloader crash

    Hey There, This is my frist time trying to hackintosh. I'm trying to load Yosemite on my Acer Aspire E5-571-5552 followig this guide [http://www.macbreaker.com/2014/11/how-to-install-os-x-yosemite-on-your-pc-with-yosemite-zone.html]. I'll get to the boot screen and select "Yosemite Zone", it will start to load, then a white screen will flash for a quick second, then the computer restarts. Help! My Specs: Acer Aspire E5-571-5552 Intel i5 Intel HD4400 Graphics 16gb RAM
  10. cant view installer bootloader for Yosemite on NVidia gt610 on the vga port. was working but gave kernel panics when using the intel hd4400 internal graphics during install. any help is appreciated
  11. Hey all, So I have Niresh 10.9 working on an ASUS board. Everything is good. I am using a bootloader on a USB stick. The bootloader is a simple prompt, I need to manually select the Hackintosh system drive and type GraphicsEnabler=No manually as I installed a GTX 770 and that is the only way to get it going. I wanted to use Chameleon or something similar to automate the boot. I have Chameleon installed on the EFI partition of the HDD that contains the OSX install bt it won't start up. The Niresh bootloader on the USB seems to do everything. I guess I am a bit confuded about the process. If I wanted to keep using the USB flash drive but have it configured to use the GraphicsEnabler=No bootflag and autolaunch from a specific os in a time limit. Is there a file I can edit on the flash drive to enable that? Thanks
  12. Hello, I successfully installed Niresh Mavericks from USB System specs: UEFI Motherboard: Asus B85-PLUS CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K 3.50GHz (Haswell) GPU: (Built in) Intel HD Graphics 4600 HDD: Western Digital Scorpio Blue 120 GB RAM 2x 4GB Corsair Vengeance When the PC rebooted after install, it loaded the Niresh bootloader, where you choose to install from. I removed my USB and restarted my PC, it instantly booted into my bios. So I re inserted my USB and rebooted. At the Niresh bootloader, I chose the HDD I just installed Mavericks to. I used the bootflag below (I have Haswell): -v Mac started to boot, and I recieved a kernal panic. Here is the first line (the problem) of what I see on screen panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f81581cc9): No HPETs available... CPU(s) configured incorrectly So I know my CPU is configured incorrectly, and I have to change this in the BIOS, but what exactly am I looking for? And where would I find it? Also, how would I go about installing my bootloader properly (I just left the settings the same, apart from the SSD setting, I dont have one, so I unticked it, during installation)? Thanks for your help.
  13. Hi, I'm having some issues, and I'm hoping that someone could help me. Here are my computer specs: Motherboard: Asus H81I-Plus CPU: Intel i5 4670K @ 3.8GHz GPU: Radeon R9 290 (Disabled, my HDMI/DVI is plugged in to my motherboard) Here is a run down of what I've done today with regards to this. I got a new SSD, so I thought I'd re-install Mavericks on to this SSD. It installed fine, then it restarted, I removed my USB, and proceeded to choose my SSD as my boot option, but when it went to boot, it just went straight to BIOS, is that an error with my boot loader? Anyway, I plugged my USB back in, and choose and booted from that by choosing my partition with Mavericks on it. This all went fine, and I got to the desktop. I had no network, so I installed a kext and that went fine. Again, I removed my USB and still I couldn't boot from my SSD. So the USB went back in, and I proceeded. I was hoping by now, my onboard graphics (Intel HD 4600) would be working, but when I went to change resolution on the display settings, the only option was 1024x768, so now I'm guessing that Mavericks isn't recognising my on-board graphics? I'm having some pretty annoying issues here, and I'm hoping someone can help me fix them. Please could someone help me get my onboard graphics working, and someone help me have the ability to choose to boot from my SSD without using my USB. If you need any more information, let me know. (Sorry for the wall of text). Thank you.
  14. Hello, i have two ssd disk in my lenovo t431s. one for windows 8.1 and one for niresh mavericks 10.9. during the installation i have unconnected the windows 8.1 ssd. now i have mavericks and windows 8.1 on my notebook. windows 8.1 starts automatic, i can only boot in mavericks with the niresh install usb stick. i have fear to install chameleon on mavericks, i don't know, which settings i must use. i have a lenovo t431s intel core i 7 intel hd 4000 intel ssd for windows 8.1 m2.ngff ssd for mavericks @ moment mavericks is fine, only problem is the bootloader. please help thanks in advance kind regards --------------------- i reinstalled niresh now everything is fine
  15. Hi All, During a failed updated to 10.9.4 I needed to restore from a back up I had of 10.9.3 (about a month or so old) - in doing so i managed to completely wipe my boot loader (didn't include it in the back up as I only used time machine). I have done a quick search and tried following a few guides (tried chameleon and clover) but still can't get it working. So i have two questions that I'm hoping for help with: 1 - how can i ensure all my failed attempts at installing chameleon and clover are fully removed from my system? 2 - can one of you fine people point me in the direction of a fool-proof guide to installing a BL (would prefer clover but ill take any at the moment). Hackintosh Specs: CPU: AMD FX6350 (Black edition) GPU: AMD 7850 MoBo: Asrock 990FX Extreme 3 Drive: Intel Series 3 320 SSD OS: Niresh OSX (installed as 10.9.0 and successfully(ish) updated to 10.9.4 IF YOU NEED ANY FURTHER SYSTEM SPECS PLEASE ASK
  16. JEbanks345

    Chameleon Bootloader issues

    HI, Using my Niresh USB created from Win32diskimager i am able to boot into Mavericks 10.9.0 fine but i am unable to boot into the Chameleon Bootloader even after setting my HD to the first boot disk. Using application like champlist i am able to see that Chameleon is installed and i can edit my .plist file etc but i am unable to get into my bootloader. Can someone please help. Hardware: AMD II X2 220 H-Alvorix-RS880 AMD 785G - Chipset MSI GTX 650 6gb RAM AMI v6.11 - BIOS
  17. Tomáš Lipovský

    Problem with booting

    Hey! I installed Niresh 10.9 to my ssd where I had Windows. The installation was successful, but when I'm booting, I muss boot over USB. When I don't boot over USB, starts boot loader from old deleted windows. Right now i'm writing this from Niresh booted from USB and everything work perfectly except bootloader. Can please somebody help me?
  18. I want help for understanding How things work in Mac OS X. I think it is important to so many users like me who don't know much about Mac OS X. Niresh Mavericks OS X is a great one and it's only one that I could install it after many tries with previous/other hackintoshes on my amd powered pc. Where is the drivers' locations? Are they all in a same location? How/Where can I know/see my hardwares drivers names which are possibly installed? How can I change a specific hardware driver? please describe both manual and software-aided method. ( manual is preferably asked for base understanding ) Do I need delete/uninstall old drivers for installing new drivers? if yes How? Where is the bootloader location? How can I see my bootloader name and version? How important is bootloader? Can I change bootloader whenever I want or I need a fresh install for changing it? How can I change or manipulate bootloader contents? I have windows 7 OS and I want to be able dualboot after installing mac os x in a partition. I just tried easybcd in windows 7 and I was not successful. ( it works only by flash memory ( which is included mac os x mavericks niresh ) and without it I have error. I installed niresh mavericks and I just corrupted it. honestly I didn't have any idea what I was doing and I was confused. I will appreciate for any help.
  19. Hello, I'm trying to boot from the niresh mavericks installation but the procedure is stuck at booting from the external hard drive. I have downloaded both dmg and iso files and imaged them to my external drive more than 10 times. I could actually see the files in the external hard drive except for the niresh logo, is that normal? What do you think is the problem? I have used win32DiskImager. I have tried two different hdds. What would you recommend? Thank you
  20. 2quignot

    Error boot0:done !

    Hello, I can very well start on mac 10.9.0 with an external hard drive containing a different version of Niresh (10.8.5) but my goal is to start up in Mac 10.9.0 without this external hard drive. In conclusion when I try to boot without the external hard drive it does not work, I get this line "boot0: done" which remains frozen with little dash down flashing. Is someone could help me to boot without the need for external drive (which is actually like a usb key). Sincerely, 2quignot. My config Dell Vostro 3360 Intel x64 2GB Ram Dual boot hard disk C: Windows (disk0s2) / disk D: OSX 10.9.0 (disk0s5)
  21. kanojo


    CPU : AMD PhenomII X4 970 RAM : SAMSUNG 4GB GPU : AMD RADEON HD6850(Sapphire?) Motherboard : ati 890?or something..sorry I can't find specific model number for now... USB-Wireless Keyboard and mouse Hi guys I just installed niresh-mavericks on my pc. I googled about installation, so I successfully booted to mavericks. However, I can't choose between osx and windows. I can't see any chameleon screen while booting sequence. And I can't download any apps on appstore(it shows a message that means can' identify device's information or something..I use this in Korean language so I don't know details about this message in English.. Sorry). I googled about it, and I found it seems a problem with chameleon bootloader. So I tried to install chameleon manually, but it didn't work. And I couldn't boot to mavericks anymore I previously installed this image successfully on my laptop without any problem like this(but it was intel cpu). Can anyone solve this problem? I have two harddisk, so I inatalled windows on one, and OSX on another. Is this issue makes this problem? PS. It seems everythig works fine on mavericks include qe/ci except appstore. And sorry for my poor english..
  22. Dariusz Tołłoczko

    Is it possible to…(Graphics Problem)

    Hello everyone, Couple days ago i finally got my hackintosh fully working. I can boot it without any kernel flags. But i have 3 problems now. My specs: Intel Core i5 3450 Ivybridge with HD2500 onboard graphics. AMD Radeon HD7870 ASRock b75 pro-3 m 8 GB 1600 MHz RAM LG DVD-RW GH24NS95 Custom DSDT and Patched BIOS First: I must boot my hackintosh with bootloader from pendrive (niresh distro) because of boot0af error. How can i fix it?(Clover EFI). Second: I must boot OS blindly. With my graphics HD7870 i need to have onboard graphics on in BIOS so i can't see what i'm doing. When i set on PCI Express it freezes when booting. Windows 8 is working too with this settings but i just want to see bootloader. Is it possible to fix it? Third: When booting my dvd drive just ejects. Without any reason. And when i insert a dvd disk (cd doesn't work) and then close the drive and login it's working without anny issues. When i want to change disk i have error that i've inserted empty disk.
  23. Corsal

    Installing Chameleon

    Hello guys!! I've a problem. I'm not able to install Chameleon on my Hackintosh. I explain better. Chameleon is installed because I lunched it from grub sometimes ago. But the problem is that Chameleon cannot start firsts. Of course I've set Mavericks partition as boot using gparted. Reading some forums I've read that the problem is due to 4k byte sectors of my hard disk. Maybe someone had the same problem and fixed it? Or maybe someone how help me ? Thanks a lot guys !!
  24. I cannot boot without using the DVD i burned to install ML>>>I Have Samsung NP300E5X-A0AIN laptop ... plzzzz help My laptop spec Operating System Operating System DOS Processor Processor Intel® Celeron® Processor B820 (1.70 GHz, 2 MB L3 Cache) Display LCD 39.62 cm (15.6") HD LED Display (1366 x 768), Anti-Reflective Physical Specification Dimension (WxDxH) 367.9 x 242.9 x 34.5 ~ 35.3mm (14.48" x 9.56" x 1.36" ~ 1.39") Weight 2.28Kg (5.03lbs) Graphic Graphic Processor Intel® HD Graphics Memory System Memory 2GB DDR3 System Memory at 1333MHz (2GB x 1) Memory Slot 2 SODIMM Storage HDD 320GB S-ATA II Hard Drive (5400RPM) ODD Super Multi Dual Layer Main Chipset Main Chipset Intel HM70 Multimedia Sound Effect SoundAlive™ Speaker Stereo Speakers ( 1.5 W x 2 ) Integrated Camera 1.3 megapixel Webcam Communication Wired Ethernet LAN Gigabit Ethernet [10/100/1000] Wireless LAN 802.11 bg/n 1X1 Bluetooth Bluetooth v4.0 I/O Port VGA 1 VGA HDMI 1 HDMI Headphone Out 1 Headphone out Mic-in 1 Mic-in USB 3 USB2.0 Multi Card Slot 3-in-1 (SD, SDHC, SDXC) Multi-media Card Reader RJ45 (LAN) 1 RJ45 (LAN) DC-In (Power Port) 1 DC-in Input Keyboard Island-type keyboard with Numeric key Touch Pad, Touch Screen Touchpad Security Security Security Slot Power AC Adaptor 60 W / 90 W AC Adapter Standard Battery 6 Cell (48Wh
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